DDO Players News Podcast Episode 100 – It’s On The Table

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It’s the 100th show! Bonnie Bew and Community Manager Cordovan joins us. We play our version of the “Match Game” and we learn that Drac’s dreams might come true!


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Game News

Updated Cannith Crafting Guide

Lamannia Release Notes (Last Updated 8-30-16)

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 204


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Update 32 Talk With Cordovan


DDO Players News

Bonnie’s Epic Previously On DDO Players News

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DDO Players Poll – What Are You Looking Forward To The Most, With Update 32: Against the Slave Lords

DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #55

DDO Players Interview With Travis Willingham


DDO Players News Match Game! Hosted By Bonnie Bew!



Round 1:

A: “Jeets is in A LOT of trouble. He just got caught picking the lock on Cellimas’ BLANK.”

Drac – Underwear Drawer

Pine – Chastity Belt

Cordo – Epic Chest


B: “Durk’s got a secret. He keeps Nibbles in his BLANK.”

Drac – Bed

Pine – Mouth

Cordo – Dragontouched Boxer briefs


Round 2:

A:   ______ SWORD

Drac – Long

Pine – Broad

Cordo – Bastard


B:   EPIC  _______

Drac – Quiver

Pine – Fail

Cordo – Sword of Shadow


From The Dungeon


On The Table Top


Week in Gaming

Drac Week




Shadar-Kai Lvl 19

Grim And Barret – No Quiver (Shocked? )


Rogue Lvl 10 (With Pineleaf)



Rogue Lvl 9


  • The Sharn Syndicate *ELITE*
  • Stand Your Ground
  • Dirty Laundry
  • The Stormreaver Fresco
  • The Bookbinder Rescue
  • Repossession
  • Come Out and Slay


  • Redfang the Unruled *ELITE*

D&D 5E – Death House, The party is still alive. Managed to do some major damage to them. The Sroc was rummage throw a toy chest, found a doll, and tossed at the Paladin, who has a death fear of dolls, he failed the saving throw and was frozen with fair, then the doll started to attack Had the Sorc down to his last death saving throw, and 2 other people down having to do the saving throws.. It’s all the clerics fault they sarte still alive, the cleric is now possessed by a ghost, who is afraid of everything though..


Speaking Of Cleric – A Gift From One Of the “UNDmabales”



Zombiecidie Black Plague

Once again, we turn a Co-Op into a how best to screw over your friends game


Pineleaf Week


Gnome warlock Level 10 (with Drac)

The Red Fens

  • The Last Stand
  • The Claw of Vulkoor (annoying and the staff was lost)
  • Into the Deep

Half-elf Warlock Level 7

Temple of Elemental Evil, Part 1

  • Chose Paladin as my Dilettante class (name Palilock).
  • First time I ever saw Vorka the Frogkeeper and a Giant Frog
  • Killed by Kirmudy the Bleak after receiving negative levels. Cleric survived so I was able to revive.
  • Managed to complete six of the optional bosses
  • First time I completed the entire first part in one session – first doing boss in first week

Human Druid 2 / Warlock 2

Sharn Syndicate

  • Come out and Slay



  • The Kobolds’ Den: Clan Gnashtooth
  • The Kobolds’ Den: Rescuing Arlos



  • The Kobolds’ New Ringleader
  • An Explosive Situation
  • The Miller’s Debt
  • Home Sweet Sewer (Barely remembered to turn off my aura)



  • First time battling the End Dragon.


Bonnie Bew Week

Ladies’ Night static group did some Jack Jibbers and Memoirs of and Illusionary Larcerner

I listened to ALL the podcasts



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