DDO Players Vast: The Crystal Caverns Review



As the ultimate asymmetric board game, Vast: The Crystal Caverns provides a limitless adventure, playable again and again as you and your friends explore the five exciting roles in many combinations. Play solo or with up to 5 players for the full game.


Play as the…

Knight – Discover treasure and use your might to vanquish the Dragon.

Goblins – Guide your hordes to defend the cave from the Knight.

Dragon – Eat Goblins, take back your treasure, and explore the cave to grow powerful enough to escape.

Cave – Manipulate the map to control and ultimately crush everyone.

Thief – Sneak through the cave to back stab the other players and steal their treasure.


Each role has its own power, pieces, and paths to victory…




The game is a dungeon crawl where one to five players compete against each other. The goal of each player changes based on which other characters are in the game. In the game, players can take on the role of the Knight, Dragon, Goblin, Thief, or Cave. Yes, if you ever wanted to be a cave and just cause a big  cave in, on the other players!  You can do that in Vast.




The winning conditions change for each player. The Knight has to kill the Dragon to win, but if there’s no Dragon in the game, that becomes difficult. If there is no Dragon, the Knights goal is to smash 5 crystals in the cave and then escape. These goals are laid out clearly for each player during the game.

Game set up and play changes a bit from game to game as well, depending on which of the 5 chars are present for the game.

Each character plays differently, which adds more replay-ability to the game. Another thing that sets Vast apart, is each player has there own board and game play pieces.


The Components and Art

The component quality is excellent: the cardboard tokens are fine, the cards are decent enough quality, and the wooden tokens are a fun alternative to the cardboard bits, The artwork is top notch and very well done, the colors pop out.


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Speaking of those components, there are a TON of them




Final Thoughts

This is a fun dungeon crawl, that really knows what it is, it’s an asymmetric board game, and sticks to that. Which is not a bad thing. I think the biggest problem with the game is to learn and teach it, this is NOT a easy to game to learn and teach, each of the 5 characters have there own rules, and character sheets (With rule sheets). Each character plays differnt too, once you learn say the Knights and switch to the cave, it makes it a totally different game. Keep this in my mind, as I think this is not a game you should attempt to just spring on people as they come for game night. Once you learn it, the game is amazing, and will make for fun game night, but you need to work up to it first.


Vast The Crystal Caverns can be purchased direct from Leader Games



A big thank you to Leder Games for providing us with the review copy for this review.



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