DDO Players News Episode 114 – Save Vs The Black Plague

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On the show, we talk about the recent poll “Which monster would you like to see in DDO” and My Little Pony RPG? Yes, it’s a real thing folks!


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Game News

DDO Poll On The Forums- Which of the following monsters would you most like to see next in DDO?

  • Cordovan – Similar to our last effort along these lines, this is more speculative than formal, in that none of these may end up happening for various reasons. That said, we were talking recently about which monster we might want to next bring to DDO, and figured it would be good to get your thoughts on it. You can only vote for one.
  • Goblins
  • Shambling Mounds
  • Flameskulls
  • Shield Guardians

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 218

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From The Dungeon

Gen Con Extends Partnership with Indianapolis through 2021

Adventures in Middle-Earth: Loremaster’s Guide Cover Revealed

My Little Pony Role Playing Game On The Way


On The Table Top

Super Dungeon Tactics Video Game Coming Soon From Underbite Games

WizKids Announces Burke’s Gambit

Engines of War Castle Panic Expansion Review

Week in Gaming

Drac Week


Rogue Lvl 14  (With Pineleaf)

Trial of the Archons

  • The Archons’ Trial
  • Demon Assault
  • The Devil’s Details

Spent my week playing the Save Vs The Black Plague Game…

Watched Stranger Things Season 1 (It’s sorta D&D related right 🙂


Pineleaf Week

Gnome warlock Level 14 (with Drac)

Trial of the Archons

  • The Archons’ Trial
  • Demon Assault
  • The Devil’s Details

Table Top

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

  • Another Cooperative Deckbuilding game
  • Played the first two games and prepared for the third.
  • The first two games are very easy and technically you can skip them if you are a gamer.
  • I have heard that Game 7 is rather long – it may be a while before I get there

One Deck Dungeon

  • Just arrived today so I only had a chance to read the rules and a quick attempt at play
  • In the quick try, I learned that one needs to know when to flee a nasty encounter – squish


  • Built a skeleton farm that I have recently found at my base.


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