Downtime Notice: Wednesday, December 21st 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Eastern + Release Notes




Community Manager Cordovan posted on the forums of some upcoming downtime


The DDO game worlds will be unavailable from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT) on Wednesday, December 21st to release Update 33 Patch 2. Click here for the Release Notes. Thank you for your patience, and we’ll see you in the game soon!


As noted above, we did get the full release notes as well, some of the highlights of them

World Character Transfers

World Character Transfers are now available through the DDO game launcher! Click here for our guide.


  • We’ve corrected a long-standing bug where groups of enemies would not aggro correctly. Players will find that they can no longer use a ranged attack to pull singular enemies from a group without aggroing nearby enemies.
  • Bluff and Deception will no longer cause bosses to turn around. This also corrects an issue where ranged enemies would stop attacking after being bluffed or affected by Deception, and improves the enemy combat experience. Red-named bosses are still affected by sneak attack damage vulnerability.



  • Many old loot effects that were made specifically for old-style handwraps now work properly on updated handwraps.
  • Vampirism and Lesser Vampirism now provide their proper effects on handwraps.
  • Heroic and Legendary Greensteel handwraps are now available!
  • The Amulet of the Medusa no longer claims to be a Menace of the Underdark pre-order ticket.
  • Scaling Melee and Ranged Alacrity 10% is now applying its proper bonus.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Maps: Fog of War no longer conceals quest and portal entrances.
  • Against the Slave Lords
  • Crossbow-using half-orcs now actually shoot their crossbows.
  • Fixed an issue where a boss’ escort would not aggro with him.
  • Monsters should no longer get aggro through secret doors.
  • Fixed a ladder which was causing some problems due to physics clipping.
  • Temple of Elemental Evil
    • A frog will no longer draw aggro. Why would someone get angry at a frog?!?
  • To Curse the Sky
    • Abishai will now stop flying when they make a basic melee attack.


  • Game credits have been updated.
  • Turbine Points have been renamed to DDO Points.


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