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Way back in 2011 Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures unleashed the Super Dungeon Explore tabletop board game on the world.   Underbite games seeks to bring the fun and action of the tabletop to your PC with  Super Dungeon Tactics.

In Super Dungeon Tactics, Players are responsible for their own guild of heroes who band together to take out the Dark Consul’s forces in the land of Crystalia. Fear not, as there are plenty of side quests, loot to collect, and random encounters in 3D levels.


Super Dungeon Tactics is a turn-based strategy game in which players create a guild of Heroes to combat the Dark Consul’s forces throughout Crystalia. As the guild master you choose to take on bounties, answer the pleas of the public, or answer a noble call to adventure. Whether for altruistic reasons, just getting your cut, or a little of both, complete quests, gather loot, attract Heroes, and reveal the world of Crystalia by your own means.



Underbite games did a fantastic job of catching the feel and look of the Super Dungeon franchise with this game. The characters are colorful with personalities that right draw you in. Scenery, backgrounds and environments are varied and extremely colorful and very well done. I can’t speak of how much I did enjoy the “look” of the game. It’s takes the Chibi style and runs with it, which mind you is a very good thing. The music also get’s an big thumbs from me, it reminded me of playing some 8bit RPG’s back in the day.


If you are familiar Super Dungeon Explore, you will feel right at home here, note though, There are a few things from the board game missing from the video game title. The biggest thing is being able to play cooperatively with people, I do hope that Underbite games at some point will add some form of multiplayer.  You can play coop style on the same computer, but players will just be sharing the same mouse and keyboard which too me, is not much fun.


Even though multiplayer is missing, the single player experience that is fun and wonderful.  If you’re a fan/expert Hard core tactics RPG player you might find this to be a bit easy for you. I think Super Dungeon Tactics is great for new players to learn the genre.



Learning how to play is simple and the tutorial is well done, and makes it simple to learn the ropes, and get you jumped right into the fry fast. There is a hidden depth that you might miss, that being the items and loot picked up during battles. In between levels, heroes need to be equipped with gear that will bring out better abilities and tactics. The cast of heroes grows with each stage as well, learning how to play them all, and how they mix with each is something that you need to learn to maximum you best chances of winning. Bringing the right heroes to the job is important.


As I was playing I kept thinking about how fun this would be to play on tablet as well, it’s plays great on the pc mind you, but I think being able to “Touch” your way around would make for a fun time as well.



If you’ve never played the tabletop version, don’t fear! Your play or knowledge is not that important, this is a great game on it’s on. If you have played the tabletop version, then you will be right at home, the game’s cards and dice based mechanics.




I found myself laughing out loud many times, at the dialogue during the after battle parts of the game, the writing it whitey and funny. There is a skip feature if you want to just get to the monster killing, but trust me, do your shelf a favor and check it out.




Super Dungeon Tactics missions aren’t always about mauling Dark Consul forces, though there is a certain pleasure you get as your slaughtering wave after wave of kobold’s!  Early assignments have you putting out fires, or saving villagers, which when rescued, become part of your active party.

I did have a few nitpicks about the camera, and how you had to use your mouse to move it, when I first was starting my play of the game,  but thankful the Dev’s listened to the community and released patch that fixed this, you can know move the camera with WSAD/Arrow Keys. Thank You! Much better!

Overall, this is a rocking good time, character building is all about the gear, so if you enjoy min-maxing then you will smile, when you get that next great loot drop. Though it’s very RNG based, and we know how I feel about the RNG!  Combat is intense and draws you in. A solid game that as I mentioned above Underbite continues to update and make better.



For more information on Super Dungeon Tactics head over the official website

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We would like to thank Underbite games for providing us with a review copy of the game, for this review!

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