DDO Players News Episode 116 – I Blame Sahba Jade

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We are joined by the Damsels Of DDO (Finally) for our year in end review show!


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Game News

Update 33 Patch 2 Release Notes

Update 33 Patch 2 Hotfix Release Notes

The Staff (Devs) We Know That Are Still At Standing Stone Games


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DDO Year In Review

Update 30

Update 30, released on Monday, February 29th, 2016

  • New race and Iconic:
  • Gnome and Deep Gnome
  • Artificer Arcanotechnician enhancement pass
  • Voice chat individual volume sliders
  • 10th Anniversary event – throughout March, up until April 17th


Update 31

Update 31, released on Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

  • Gnomework
  • 3 new Free to Play standalone quests:
  • Search and Rescue, Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener, Good Intentions
  • Fighter enhancements tweak
  • Kensei / SD
  • Monster Manual Volume VII (added with P2)
  • New monster: Umber Hulks
  • Update 31 named items


Update 32

Update 32, released on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

  • Against the Slave Lords
  • 3 new Greyhawk quests based on a classic PnP module
  • Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
  • Cannith Crafting overhaul (discussion)
  • Update 32 named items
  • All new Slave Lords Crafting


Update 33

Update 33 released on Thursday, October 20th, 2016

  • Return of the Night Revels
  • Two new quests and a handful of new loot items focusing on cosmetic fun
  • Class passes
  • Monk: Handwraps reworked, Henshin/Ninja/Shintao
  • New Deity feats for Divine classes


Standing Stone Games Announcement Monday December 19th 2016


Which update was the best update of 2016?

Pine – Update 30 Ghomes

Sahba- Update 32 for the Cannith Crafting

Mythery- Update 30 gnomes

Lessah- Update 30 Gnomes

Drac- Update 32 – Against The Slave Lords


What is the best Non Raid/Quest Thing Added To DDO IN 2016?

Pine – Gnomes

Sahba- Gnomes

Mythery- Gnomes

Lessah-  Gmomes

Drac- Gnome


What are you most looking forward to with DDO in 2017?

Pine – Ravenloft

Sahba- Ravenloft

Mythery- Umber Hulks

Lessah-  Umber Hulks

Drac- Ravenloft (Hopefully) Duh!


Our DDO Resolutions


How Did We Do From Last Year?

  • Pineleaf- Start a ranger and reach at least level 20
  • Sahba- (I normally do not make resolutions so ) To Get Drac To Lvl 30 from 15
  • Mythery- (Normally does not make resolutions) Get a few more lives on my Epic Completionist
  • Lessah- To get the shard and seal of the Full Plate of the Ring Leader and wear it!
  • Drac- Get my Rogue to Lvl 28 (I”m setting the bar low) Run Haunted Halls (So many fond memories of pen and paper) and run some raids. Play more on Argo (with those that won’t come over to Canninath to play with me) lol


This Year Resolutions

Pineleaf- Monk to Lvl 20, Something Ravenloft Maybe (depending on timing of release etc.)

Sahba – Epic completionist with Sahba

Mythery – Get a few more lives on my Epic Completionist

Lessah – I am going to upgrade full plate of the ring leader if it’s the last freaking thing i ever do in my whole life…ok, let’s be realistic…in the next five years I’ll get it done.

Drac – Almost like last year, get ANY character I have to 28, to run Haunted Halls!, Play my WolfLock more on Argo!


The “Infamous Tweet”

From The Dungeon

Super-Fan Builds Takes On Dungeons & Dragons With New Episode

Dungeons & Dragons Red Dragon Trophy Plaque Available From WizKids

Beamdog Looking For Beta Testers For New Game


On The Table Top

What Lies Within Mansions of Madness DLC Out Now

Rivers Horse Shows Off Goblin Expansion For Labyrinth Board Game

Gale Force Nine Shows Off Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks Board Game


Week in Gaming


Drac Week

Ranger  12  (Gnome – Static Group With Mythery, Sahba Jade, Rent2Pwn, Cad, and sometimes Lessah)

House Kundarak

Vault Of Night (Elite)

  • Gateway to Khyber
  • The Jungle of Khyber (VoN 3)
  • Haywire Foundry (VoN 4)

The Harbor


  • Invaders!(Elite)



Rogue Lvl 15  (With Pineleaf)


  • The Maze of Madness
  • Trial by Fire


Video Games


  • Super Dungeon Tactics For Review



Pineleaf Week


Gnome Warlock Level 15


  • The Maze of Madness
  • Trial by Fire


Gnome Warlock Level 7

Temple of Elemental Evil, Part 2

  • My first attempt was after the ranged attack fix and I came to a quick death.
  • Retried more carefully and made it through the fire node.
  • In the end I made my death appointment with Zug



One Deck Dungeon

  • Played a round with the rogue and quickly got squashed.


Dungeon Solitaire: Tomb of Four Kings

  • Played several rounds of the basic game and eventually squeaked out a win.


Deep Space D-6

  • I finally won a game with the standard ship (using the easy setting for now).
  • I then ran a game with a second ship (the Athena) and managed to win.


Arkham Horror: The Card Game

  • I attempted to search for a cursed beast in the Bayou and was driven crazy.
  • I met a grisly fate when I visited the Carnevale



  • Tried building a general mob farm that turned out to be a total failure
  • Retried with an alternate design that is much better (though not spectacular).


Sahba Week


  • Questing with the Cannith static group that includes drac;
  • Maarajaade, my level 26 quarterstaff-using rogue epic flagged for VONs, plus the first two in the Lords of Dust chain.



  • Started a new world with Myth – haven’t built a base yet
  • Started a new solo world – lava ocean


Star Wars – Heroes

Coup (The Dystopian Universe)



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