DDO Players News Episode 118 – Something Fun Is Chocolates?

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On the show this week, we found out what “Something Fun Is!”


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Game News

Player’s Council Update

Current State Of Things From Cordovan

Reaper And Champion Changes Coming To Lamannia

Massively Overpowered 2016 Awards

  • DDO was a community winner for Most Underrated Game (They also scolded us out for organizing a campaign to vote)

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week  January 6th – 12th

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35 % OFF

  • Shared Bank Storage
  • Character Bank Upgrades
  • Select Storage Bags
  • Shared Bank: Platinum Vault


From The Dungeon

Tales From The Yawning Portal Coming For D&D 5E


On The Table Top

Kingdom Death Is Now The Most Funded Board Game Kickstarter Of All Time


Week in Gaming

Drac Week


Druid Lvl 8 (Soon To Be WolfLock)

The Catacombs *Elite*

The Patriarchs’ Crypt

  • Chapter 1: Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral
  • Chapter 2: Setting the Wards: The Patriarchs’ Crypt


Archbishop’s Daughter

  • Chapter 1: Endgame: Marguerite
  • Chapter 2: Endgame: The Archbishop’s Fate


After I hit Lvl 8, I figured out I messed when I was leveling and did not put enough points into WIS/ INT. So, I found out I could not cast any spells. OOPS.. so I did a TR and fixed that. Next I’ll start working on Warlock levels.


House Jorasco

The Graverobber


Rogue Lvl 15  (With Pineleaf)




  • Advice: remember fire resistance
  • Foundation of Discord
  • A Cry for Help
  • The Prison of the Planes



Dungeons & Dragons 5E

DM Prep work for our next session of Storm King’s Thunder


Video Games

The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain

The Elder Scrolls Online


Pineleaf Week

Gnome warlock Level 15 (with Drac)


  • Advice: remember fire resistance
  • Foundation of Discord
  • A Cry for Help
  • The Prison of the Planes


Human Monk (Past Art) Level 2/3


  • Home Sweet Sewer
  • The Miller’s Debt
  • Arachnophobia – Half of two wings came at me at heading west
  • Information Is Key (learned the reason for Shuriken – oozes)
  • The Smuggler’s Warehouse
  • Protect Baudry’s Interests (finally earned level 3)
  • Stop Hazadill’s Shipment (actually took level 3)
  • Retrieve the Stolen Goods



Arkham Horror: The Card Game

  • Ran the final scenario and did a couple insane things.
  • Then I headed to new Orleans where I found how just how crippled I was.


One Deck Dungeon

  • Played a round with the archer and reached the dragon before I inevitably fell.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle

  • Completed Game four.

Warfighter WWII

I ran a tank hunting scenario. As the enemy was closing in, I decided to make a dash for the tank in hopes of making a solid hit. Alas, the bazooka and satchel charge failed to penetrate the armor and all hope seemed lost. Luckily, I was able to scrounge a little extra ammo for my bazooka and blow the tank up in the last turn.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms

  • Ran a solo game with the dwarves facing the undead.
  • The solo game seems to be really tough as I get blown away any time I play it.

Dungeon Solitaire: The Labyrinth of Souls

  • Just received the deck that was created specifically for the game.
  • It’s a good size though it is not my favorite artwork
  • Played three games: died in one and survived the other two (but no victories)



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