DDO Players News Episode 120 – Alternative Facts



We cover the Producer’s Letter and Gen Con 50 Beer 🙂 Just listen, it will all makes sense!


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Game News

Stonelands Coming To DDO And Maybe A Raid To Anniversary Event

DDO Producer’s Letter – January 2017

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 221


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DDO Players News

DDO Players Poll – Who Should Voice Strahd Von Zarovich In The Ravenloft Expansion?



One of the voice actors from Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines



Vin Diesel


Geoff Hanna (From DDO Gamer)

James Earl Jones



Patrick Stewart



Vin Diesel


From The Forums



Tracy Hickman.



Sam Elliott



Pierce Brosnan



Patrick Stewart Or Jack Nicholson



Mark Hamill.

No, not with his Joker voice. But if he has the talent to come up with the best Joker voice of all time, then he has the talent to come up with the best Vampire Overlord voice of all time.


DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #59

Interview With Game Designer Rodney Thompson


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From The Dungeon

WOTC Announce 2017 Convention Schedule

Sun King Brewery to Create Official Beer for Gen Con 50


On The Table Top

Tortuga 1667 A Pirate Game On Kickstarter

Delve A Dungeon Building Adventure On Kickstarter


Week in Gaming

Drac Week


Druid Lvl 8 (Soon To Be WolfLock)

Delera’s Tomb

  • The Missing Party
  • Free Delera


Return to Delera’s Tomb

  • Return to Delera’s Tomb
  • Thrall of the Necromancer


Rogue Lvl 16 (Reached)


  • Madstone Crater *Hard*


Ranger  13 (Reached) (Gnome – Static Group With Mythery, Sahba Jade, Rent2Pwn, Cad) (With Guest Lessah)

Vault of Night

  • The Vault of Night (VoN 5) (Dragon Pre-Raid)
  • Plane of Night (VoN 6) (Dragon Raid)


Return to Delera’s Tomb *Elite*

  • Thrall of the Necromancer


Rogue Lvl 16  (With Pineleaf)

The Harbinger of Madness

  • In the Flesh


  • The Lords of Dust
  • Servants of the Overlord



Element (New upcoming game from Rather Dashing Games)  for review look for that coming soon

Theomachy For Review


Pineleaf Week


Gnome warlock Level 16 (with Drac)

The Harbinger of Madness

  • In the Flesh



  • The Lords of Dust
  • Servants of the Overlord


Human Monk (Past Art) Level 5

House Deneith

  • Depths of Despair
  • Depths of Darkness
  • Depths of Discord
  • Depths of Doom



  • The Sacred Helm
  • The Cloven-jaw Scourge: Blockade
  • The Cloven-jaw Scourge: Caverns of Shaagh
  • Halls of Shan-To-Kor
  • First time I recall doing the entire chain in one session
  • The reward for the chain was Shadow Star, which is perfect for a monk


House Kundarak

  • The Chamber of Insanity
  • The Lair of Summoning
    • When I hit the trapped chest room, I had left the area before the bars fell
  • The Forgotten Caverns
  • Taming the Flames (Fell into one of the lava pools and decided to not save this one)


Tangleroot Gorge

  • Dinged for level 6 when Splinterskull for the first time (decided to delay leveling)
  • First Strike (Hard)
  • The Hobgoblins’ Captives (Hard)
  • Yarkuch’s War-plans
  • Whisperdoom’s Spawn (tried to see if I could put a dent in Whisperdoom)
  • The Deadly Package: The Stronghold Key
  • The Deadly Package: Agent of the Darguul (after this, I finally took Level 6)


House Joraco

  • Mirra’s Sleepless Nights



Deep Space D-6

  • Tried the drone ship again and found it to be frustrating as I seem to always get stuck.
  • Tried the Mononoaware ship for the first time. It was challenging but fun.
  • The game was close but I did go boom in the end.

Bowling Solitaire

  • This is tougher than you would think – still getting too many open frames.


  • Finally managed a win after several attempts at the base game.

Twin Stars

  • Took a couple tried to figure out how this game operates.


  • Won a base game and am finally getting the hang of it
  • Tried the Lost Steps expansion and ran out of cards.



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Featured Comments

From MokTask on WOTC Announce 2017 Convention Schedule

Disappointed that Wizards of the Coast isn’t going to be at Gencon this year, considering it is the direct descendant of the original convention that started in Lake Geneva those 50 years ago. But, when they (WOTC) said they weren’t doing Gencon anymore to focus on more conventions in a year, instead of just one big one, I guess it makes sense. I think last year, they weren’t ‘officially’ there, but a couple of the main people came out to Gencon because hey, it’s Gencon. I’d imagine if that was true, then the 50th will certainly draw them in.

Still kinda sucks. But, I’ll see them at Origins!



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