Arcanis 5E on Kickstarter



Arcanis the World of Shattered Empires is back and updated for 5th Edition, with new character options but the same Grim Dark attitude!

Taking its inspiration more from the Ancient World than the European medieval era. Arcanis was originally published in 2001 as a d20 campaign setting. Arcanis has been a critical and commercial success attracting players with to its grim dark world of epic fantasy and now this award-winning setting is being updated to be fully compatible with the 5th Edition of the worlds most popular fantasy RPG.

The 400+ page book will include:

· 19 New Races and sub-races
· New take on base classes such as Fury (Barbarian), Holy Champion (Paladin), Ranger without spell casting, and introducing Elder and Eldritch Sorcerer Traditions.
· New classes such as the Psion and Shaman.
· 12 new Clerical Aspects and a new take on Domains.
· 13 New Holy Champion (Paladin) Orders.
· Dozens of new Archetypes such as the Tactician (Fighter), the Bard (Rogue), and the Warped ne (Fury)
· Over 50 new Spells
· Skills and Feats including new Combat Schools
· New and unique Psionic system
· New Fame and Renown system for Allegiances and Secret Societies
· New weapons, armor, equipment, magic items and monsters.

Arcanis first debuted in 2001 as a d20 compatible world setting and campaign. Now it’s time to introduce this award-winning setting to a new generation of players, as well as former fans, with a brand new edition.
The kickstarter is up and running now with (as of this posting) 29 days to go and is all ready 143 % of the goal, and working on those stretch goals!

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