DDO Players News Episode 124 – One Word Japan



This week, we don’t have much DDO news, but we do have tons of news in the world of Role Playing And Tabletop Games. And Drac lets his feelings known, a few times. for better or worse!


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Game News

Update 35 Patch 1 Release Notes

The Festival of the Traveler has returned


Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week March 24th – 30th

  • Long Lasting Potion of 10 Magical Resistance x5 Use Coupon Code LLPMRESIST 1/Account


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  • True Hearts of Wood
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From The Dungeon

Goodman Games Partners with WOTC To Bring Hard Cover Collector’s Editions Of Classic D&D Modules

Pathfinder Online Still In Development

Dungeon Crawl Classics Lankhmar Boxed Set Kickstarter

Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition On The Way?

The Road Goes Ever On For Adventures in Middle-earth

Official D&D Character Sheets Coming In June

Pathfinder Book of the Damned On The Way


On The Table Top

Mask of MOAI VR Board Game

More Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters On The Way

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Monster Box of Monsters Expansion


Week in Gaming

Drac Week


Rogue Lvl 16

Dragonblood Prophecy

  • The Newcomers
  • Black and Blue


Dragonborn Warlock Lvl 7

The Sharn Syndicate ELITE

  • The Bookbinder Rescue
  • Repossession
  • Come Out and Slay


The Seal of Shan-To-Kor ELITE

  • The Sacred Helm
  • The Cloven-jaw Scourge: Blockade


Rogue Lvl 15  (With Pineleaf)

Reaver’s Refuge

Aussircaex’s Valley

  • Prey on the Hunter


Pineleaf Week

Gnome warlock Level 16 (with Drac)

Reaver’s Refuge

  • Aussircaex’s Valley
  • Prey on the Hunter (with its Intersection of a Thousand Giants)


Human Monk (Past Art) Level 10-11

House Phiarlan

  • Path to Whisperdoom
    • Masses of Kar-Thull Mutts at the start that constantly tripped me
  • The Spawn of Whisperdoom
    • Really, this one could have used a second shrine


Dragonborn Favored Soul Level 3


  • Bringing the Light
  • The Cerulean Hills
  • Information is Key
  • The Kobolds’ Den: Clan Gnashtooth
  • The Kobolds’ Den: Rescuing Arlos



  • Doing better against the Lich in One Deck Dungeon but not good enough



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