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As RPG Players we know all the bits and pieces that we have to carry with us to game night, Dice, Books, Papers, Pens, Cards, Mini’s. Just to name a few, sure you could just shove that all into a book bag and call it a day right? but what if you had something fancy to hold your precious gaming material, enter The Adventure’s Kit.


The Adventurer’s Kit is a briefcase that divides in half and comes with modular sections for dice, pens and pencils (as well as a pencil sharpener), miniatures, a phone charger, cards, a rolling tray, clipboards, character sheets and books, plus brackets that clip along the edge of either half to hold up a book, phone, tablet or laptop.

The pieces can be moved around to suit different types of RPG and play style, allowing cards to be held upright and divided for easy access and clipboards for character sheets to be held above the rolling tray.

It’s made from wood, lined with felt and finished outside in ‘dragon’ skin with a leather handle, with a variety of different colors on offer if you back the campaign.



The Adventurer’s Kit comes with a:

  • Favorite dice section
  • Space for more dice
  • More space for Dice, or anything else you wan to place there
  • Place for pens and pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Modular miniature box
  • Phone charger
  • Brackets for a phone or tablet
  • Card section for spell cards or flash cards
  • Large rolling tray
  • Clipboard for your character sheet
  • Brackets for the character sheet clipboard and/or book
  • Space to transport books to your gaming location


Adventure be warned though! You will need to dig DEEP within the coin purse for this.

Starting at $140 and running up to $265



The kickstarter funded within 2 1/2 hours, so they are on to those stretch goals, as they have (as of this posting) 31 days to go.

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