The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game

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The Drowned Earth is a skirmish based game. Set in a time where a cataclysmic event has hit the world, the game has a true and well felt post-apocalyptic theme. Huge areas of the world have been flooded by global warming and over time reclaimed by the various flora and fauna present on the world.


Skip forward a few hundred or even thousand years and the various warbands from the remnants of civilisation venture into the long-forgotten ruins to search for artifacts of “The Builders” from the previous age.

Played on a 3ftx3ft table with 5-15 models a side,  The warbands are very thematic and include other intelligent creatures that have developed since the “Fall”.



The Drowned Earth Kickstarter was funded in an hour and has broken through quite a few stretch goals already

  • All 4 factions unlocked in 6 hours
  • Rulebook unlocked in first 24 hours


A “Choose your own Adventurer” event, which will run for the course of the Kickstarter campaign.

The game creator will be writing a short story in episodes, and at the end of each episode will be a poll with a number of questions for backers to answer.

The results of these questions will determine things like:

  • What species
    What gender
    Weapon load out

And of course how the character responds to what happens in the story! So a choose your own adventure story, but choosing the nature of the character too! At the end of the campaign the model will actually be sculpted, and all backers at Starter Box level or higher will get it for free, which is a novel approach to a kickstarter.



As of this posting you have 26 days to go, and as I said it’s all stretch goals from here on out.

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