DDO Players News Episode 134 – Sending Out The Drac Signal

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This week Drac is joined by Lessah And Mythery from the Damsels, We chat about the sneak peek to Turn Undead and Cleric Domains (And Drac goes in to an rage) Also Tomb Of Annihilation is the new 5E Storyline, we talk about what we know!

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Game News

Turn Undead & Cleric Domains Sneak Peek

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 237


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Free Sample Of The Week June 1st-8th

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DDO Players News

Video Camera Go Fund Me Project Update


From The Dungeon

Tomb of Annihilation New Adventure For Dungeons & Dragons 5E

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything Coming November Dungeons & Dragons 5E

Green Ronin Talks Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Book Release Plan

On The Table Top

Avalon Hill Announces Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate Board Game

Unlabeled – The Blind Beer Tasting Game On Kickstarter



Week in Gaming

Drac Week


7 Days To Die

  • Played In my deep hole I dug, lots or Iron


Black Desert Online

  • Played a bit more, for the review that is upcoming


Played a game for review.. Coverage is under embargo, so I can’t say the name 🙂




Lessah Week

  • Baby Reaper mode!
  • Epic Hard Stormhorns, now I’m level 30 2nd-lifer, toying with adding either a cleric life or a fighter life and a different race for next trip to 30.
  • Did a little work in my personal 7DTD game that has no zombies. It’s very cathartic.
  • Had a Fantasy Grounds gaming session and very nearly got to spend the night with identical twins. Was very sad when the guard showed up without his brother…He became 50% less interesting. When my character re-entered the room where the party was being allowed to sleep, the two tanks exchanged money over some sort of bet and one of them said “told ya. Friend-zoned”




Mythery Week

  • Baby Reaper mode!
  • Started on the Shale Mine in 7 Days To Die




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