The Lost Age RPG Kickstarter



This heroic tactical RPG is set in a mythic land, a place where heroes build their legend in the pursuit of immortality and fantastic creatures inhabit the untamed world. The Lost Age is powered by a new class-free, skill-based system, with goal driven XP, dice-less GMing, and resource managment-focused gameplay.



The basic mechanic involves rolling a ten-sided die (d10) + applicable rank + applicable vocation rank + applicable environment rank + other modifiers. An average difficulty target number is 7. Rolling a 10 on the die is a critical success, which can grant additional benefits; rolling a 1 may mean additional problems.

A quick-start version of the rules is available on the official website


The core rule book will Include:

  • Hardback cover
  • 250 full-color pages
  • All rules needed to run and play
  • The setting of Khem, complete with primers on technology, magic, and the gods
  • More than 50 full-color illustrations


The Lost Age is set in a mythic bronze age where belief fuels reality: gods seek to gain strength through spread worship, dead deities still warp the land and its creatures into mysterious new forms, and mortal heroes cultivate their own legends to claim divinity for themselves. Civilizations have both risen and fallen; forgotten deities and ruins still linger, while new, shining cities are carved out of the dangerous continent.

The setting features:  

  • A shifting pantheon as gods die and heroes ascend
  •  Deep cultural histories and 6 unique non-human races
  •  Granted spiritual magic and free-form elemental magic
  • A dangerous land where unknown creatures and races are common sights



The kickstarter is up and running now, with (As of this posting) 51 % off the goal, with 27 days to go

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