The Tablebreaker: The Ultimate d20 On Kickstarter

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One of my friends in the UNDmables has a thing for 20 sided dice, he has foam ones, he has ones that glow, you never know which dice he will bring. Lord help me if he would ever bring this thing to our next session.


Yes, your reading that correct, that’s an 4.5 inch 20 sided die, The Tablebreaker is a massive d20 made from architectural aluminum that measures in at 116mm tall and weighs a hefty 4.8 Pounds . That’s around 438 times the weight of a standard plastic 5g 20-sided die, and nearly six times taller, if you’re curious.


I would not suggest you bring this to the table and roll it, if you value your table that is. Or maybe your friends table, whichever the case my be.

Instead, it’s designed as more of a home decor piece, with more stationary uses as a bookend, paperweight, or just a cool display piece.

It will come with a hefty price tag to go along with that cool factor as well. $249 or $99 for the “mini”

The kickstarter is up and running now, with (as of this posting) 29 days to go and is at 148 % of the goal, so it’s all stretch goals from here on out.




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  1. How to justify a $250 block of aluminum that is really, REALLY cool……

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