DDO Players News Episode 136 – DragonLocks And MonkLocks

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No real DDO this week, we talk about the upcoming Tomb Of Annihilation Board Game, and what we have been playing this week.


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Game News

Downtime Notice: Tuesday, June 20th 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT)

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 239

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On The Table Top

Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation Adventure System Board Game

Geek Chic Ceases Operations

2017 Origins Awards Winner Announced





Week in Gaming

Drac Week




Rogue Lvl 19 With Pineleaf

The Twelve

  •         Sane Asylum
  •         The Lord of Stone
  •         Leveled to 19


Druid Lvl 9 (Soon To Be WolfLock) At 20 will be Dragon-Wolf-Lock

Against the Slave Lords

  • Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords


Ruins of Threnal


The Western Excavation

  • In Need of Supplies
  • The Rescue
  • Secure the Area


The Eastern Excavation

  • The Library of Threnal
  • Escort the Expedition
  • Hold for Reinforcements



Pineleaf Week


Gnome warlock Level 18-19 (with Drac)

The Twelve

  • Sane Asylum
  • The Lord of Stone
  • Leveled to 19



Human Monklock (Monk 7/Warlock 6) Level 13


  • Tower of Frost (again)


  • Returned to Gianthold
  • Prison of the Planes (Casual)
    • Not very diplomatic in requesting the key but my lock picking was worse
    • Did law, evil, fire, nature, night
  • Trial by Fire



  • Friday (best session – 91 points)




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Featured Comments


DDO Central On Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation Adventure System Board Game

Wizards of the Coast’s constant promotion of Neverwinter isn’t all bad as at least some of the new Neverwinter players eventually find out about DDO. 🙂


Mok Taskmaster On Geek Chic Ceases Operations

Well, this is indeed sad news. Seeing Geek Chic at Gencon has been a mainstay stop for me on the dealer hall show floor. I’ve often coveted their tables, because they were indeed quite amazing.

There are quite a few game-table companies in the marketplace now, but I’m not sure any of them are quite as ‘chic’ as the Geek Chic tables were. They will be missed.





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