Drinking Fluxx Review



Drinking Fluxx comes to us from Fully Baked Ideas, an imprint of Looney Labs, takes the classic Fluxx Which is the card game with ever-changing rules into new territory. Geared towards 2-6 players adults 21 and over of course! Please drink responsibly!



In drinking Fluxx you drink, but not to excess, Drinking Fluxx is a pretty responsible drinking game. Like other drinking games, there are warning notices about knowing one’s limits and never drinking and driving, but Drinking Fluxx goes several steps further on the Meta Rule card establishing that it is up to players to decide what is best for themselves. There is no forced drinking, nor even prescribed amounts of drinking; “It’s up to each player to decide how much to drink each time.” The rules also note, “Any type of beverage is OK,” When you have to drink, how about a nice Coke? or a nice cold glass of water if that is what a player prefers. Instead, the focus is on having fun.



Set up:

Place basic rules card in the center of the table. Shuffle the deck and deal three cards to each player. Place the remainder of the deck face down next to the basic rules card to form the draw pile.


Game rules:

The basic rules of Fluxx are simple, draw 1 then play one. Then the game starts changing based on what is played. New rule cards will change up the basic rules. When you play a keeper, it will be placed in front of you, creeper cards may come into play could possibly prevent you winning. Goal cards show specific keepers that you need to win but may change often as the game goes on. Action cards are used once and discarded. Actions can sometimes cause major chaos, and other times have no real effect at all.

Drinking Fluxx gives a whole array of new Keepers, many of them well-recognized drinks like gin, Irish Cream, or vermouth. Players get a taste of recipes with many Goals being common mixed drinks like Grown Up Chocolate Milk (Irish Cream/Milk) Screwdriver (Vodka/Fruit Juice) Irish B & B (Irish Cream/Brandy). Other goals will bring in the humor from the culture of drinking, including “You Just Rent It (Match Beer/Toilet Cards, and Talking To Ralph On The Big White Phone (Match Barfing/Toilet Cards).



Drinking Fluxx does not just add new Keepers and Goal cards, It will also bring in new Action and Rule cards that change the game play. Actions will of course tie to drinking, such as “Bottoms Up!!” The player of your choice must drink three times. Also “All Drink Twice” All players must take two drinks of their choice in beverage.



The Components:

The cards are water/spill proof, which if you think about makes sense for the theme of the game, they have a plastic type feel to them, seem to be well made and I think will hold up with use. The artwork is typical of other Fluxx games, good, and colors pop out. The text was very easy to read on the cards, even the smaller print I was able to read just fine, even with my eye problems.


Final thoughts

This is Fluxx, but with the added twist that drinking brings to it, so if you don’t enjoy Fluxx I’m not sure this will be your cup of tea (See what I did there) It does twist the gameplay of Fluxx in a fun new way, with the addition of the new cards, so it’s not the same Fluxx you are used to playing. it’s a blast and let’s face it, most of us drink as we have our game nights anyway, so why not make a fun game out of it! This would be a great addition to any game night. But once again, please drink responsibly, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Maybe have a Designated Driver before you start playing, we all want you to make it to the next game night!


Drinking Fluxx can be purchased directly from Fully Baked Ideas or via Amazon


Fully Baked Ideas, provided our copy of Drinking Fluxx for this review, this is no way had any outcome on the review and my opinions of the game.

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