Heroes of History: Iron Phalanx and Dragonboat Raiders Kickstarter Preview



*Note* this preview was based on the prototype cards, they might change in the final printing, also I could not look at the playmats, as they were not available as of this preview.

This is an expansion set for the original Heroes of History card game, featuring Midnight Riders (Revolutionary War) and Echoes of the Plains (Civil War). We reviewed that HERE. You do NOT need the first set to play the second set. They can be played together or separately.

2 players minimum; supports up to 4. The object is to reduce your opponent’s State Points from 50 to 0. Draw cards from your deck, play Combatants like Thor, the Argonauts, Erik Bloodaxe, and Odysseus to the Trench and power them up with Weapon cards, including Artemis’s Bow and Mjolnir.

Game Play is like the first game, with some rules updates, and clarifications.

A quick overview of the gameplay is:

Both players start the game with 50 state points which will serve as your health or HP during the game. On your turn, you have many options as far as actions. You can send one of your Combatants into your trench, you can attach a Weapon to a Combatant, you can play a Battlefield card, play an Action card, or a Supply card. Some of these actions can only be performed once per turn, others are unlimited, but you only have 5 cards in your hand on your turn, so your options are limited.



After you have played the cards you want to, you move on to the Battle Phase. If you want to attack your opponent, you choose one of your Combatants to attack a specific Combatant on your opponent’s team (you also have to pay 1 State point per attacking Combatant).

When attacking, you compare your Attacking card’s stats with the current stats of the card you are attacking. You see, the Combatant cards that are in your Trench can be either Attacking or Defending. You play until someone loses all their State points or cannot draw up at the beginning of their turn.



Once again, this is top-notch, I LOVE the looks of the cards and the art style, I think it’s a bit better than it was for the first game, to be honest, the colors are bright and vivid.


Text On Cards

One of my biggest complaints about the original game, was the text on the card was small, and hard to read, this has been corrected, which I’m happy to see..


Final Thoughts

If you played the first game, then you will feel right at home here, as I said, you can combine the two sets if you wish, so you can have Loki wields a Gatling gun if you wish, want Robert E Lee to wield Thor’s hammer Mjolnir? You can do it.

As a fan of history, I like the twist this puts on the CGG/Battle card game genre. Art is top-notch. Great lesson on the cards… I could see families with children enjoying this, and you will get the side effect of they will be learning…history and probably not even know it!


The game is up and live on Kickstarter right now. 


Thanks to Same from Bradans World for sending over the prototype review copy!

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