Mists Of Ravenloft Expansion Pricing & Release Date Revealed



The mists have parted! What is revealed through the mists is the package details for the upcoming Mists Of Ravenloft expansion pack!



Dungeons & Dragons Online: Mists of Ravenloft expansion is scheduled for release on December 5th, 2017. In the event of delay, you will receive the expansion content and items no later than January 5th, 2018. Dungeons & Dragons Online: Mists of Ravenloft is available in English.



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The bundles break down as follows

Standard Edition $39.99

  • Mists Of Ravenloft Expansion
    Aasimar Race
    A Survivor’s Package
    Twenty Astral Shards
    Supreme Resurrection Cake



Collectors Edition $79.99

  • Mists Of Ravenloft Expansion
    Aasimar Race & Character Slot
    Improved Survivors Package
    Fifty Astral Shards
    Two Supreme Resurrection Cakes
    An Ethereal Rest Shrines
    Universal Tree Vistani Knife Fighter
    Heroic Level Scarecrow Hireling
    EXCLUSIVE Barovian Cosmetics
    Barovian Aristocrat’s Outfit
    Barovian Aristocrat’s Hat
    EXCLUSIVE Cosemitc Pet – Black Cat
    30 Day VIP Code



The Ultimate Fan Bundle $129.99

  • Mists Of Ravenloft Expansion
    Aasimar Race & Character Slot
    Ultimate Survivor’s Package
    140 Astral Shards
    Three Supreme Resurrection Cakes
    Two Ethereal Rest Shrines
    Five Mirrors Of Glamering
    Universal Tree Vistani Knife Fighter
    EXCLUSIVE Barovian Cosmetics
    Barovian Aristocrat’s Outfit
    Barovian Aristocrat’s Hat
    EXCLUSIVE Vampire Hunter Cosmetics
    Vampire Hunter’s Outfit
    Vampire Hunter’s Hat
    EXCLUSIVE Cosemitc Pet – Black Cat
    Exclusive Cosmetic Pet – Raven
    60 Day VIP Code
    New Iconic Hero
    Shared Storage Upgrade (Ten Slots)
    Weapon Aura – Mist For Every Character
    A Racial Enhancement Point Tome For Every Character
    A Bottle Of Mist – Teleport To Barovia!


As I speculated  in July based off the LOTRO Mordor Expansion they followed the same pricing structure



So, what do you think of this pricing and package breakdowns? I’m sad I won’t be able to get the vampire hunter’s outfit and raven, I was looking forward to those, I’m surprised to see the astral shards included to be honest, as the LOTRO Mordor did not have anything like included.




  1. I will get the Ultimate Bundle. However, only one raid is listed on the DDO Marketplace. But I thought there were two raids (Strahd and his nursemaid, Baba Lysaga) that leaked on a Lamannia build awhile back? The expansion notes on the marketplace show only one raid unless that is a mistake. “Experience 12 new Dungeon Quests, New Raid, New Wilderness Area, 2 new Public Areas, New Saga and more!”

    • I really want the ultimate as I’m pretty much the ultimate ravenloft fan but alas, I can’t afford that.

      Ya I was sure there was 2 raids.

    • Here is an update from Cordovan form the DDO Forums:
      “The pre-purchase page only lists one raid confirmed for the Mists of Ravenloft, and we’ve now corrected the splash screen to match. We are planning to release a second raid, but it’s possible that raid will shift out of the December 5th release date, so we didn’t want to include it in the official page. That said, we currently have a second raid being built. It’s possible this raid will not be released with the rest of the expansion, however. It is also possible the raid will be released in time, but it’s too early to commit to that.”

  2. I can smell the Mist already!

    Cool, a $40 base expansion pack. I see the expected debate have begun on the DDO forum just like on the LOTRO-side. Bottom line: just buy the bundle that you find value in (and can afford).The purchases are what will give SSG and/or Daybreak marketing hard number feedback for the future, though I’m sure they appreciate any constructive feedback.

    Ultimately, what it will come down to, is the quality of the new content. SSG did very well on the LOTRO expansion, my hopes are high.

    I’ll order one Super Spooky Strahd’s Bestie Bundle, please.

    Now, I really smell the Mist …. OK, who ate all the Taco Bell for lunch!

  3. Where is the Veteran III status for Level 10 characters which was discussed earlier?

    • I wondered about that as well. I hope they are not backing back from the as well.

    • I just saw a forum reply that it’s not a part of the expansion, more info soon. My guess will be favor unlock or DDO store so people who don’t have the x-pack can still earn Vet III.

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