DDO Players News Episode 154 – Charlie And Catan Factory


This week we talk Ravenloft and Movember, and edible board games?


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Game News

Ravenloft Expansion Preview #1

Dreamscape Epic Destiny Feat Now Gives Ravenloft Hints.

Strahdvent Week #3 Madam Eva Reading

Movember 2017 and Team DDO

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 257

Store Sales

20% off:

  • Slayer Boosts
  • Loot Boosts and Treasure Hunter Elixirs
  • Shared Storage

Free Sample Of The Week

  • Green Bigby’s Guiding Hand x5 with the Coupon Code FOLLOWME, now through November 9th


From The Dungeon

Dungeons & Dragons Tomb of Annihilation Map Set

Dragon Bagons Dice Bags On Kickstarter


On The Table Top

Stumped: A Deck-building Game Kickstarter

Catan: Chocolate Edition


On The Screen

One Deck Dungeon – Digital Tabletop Game Kickstarter

Harry Dresden Cooperative Card Game


Week in Gaming

Drac Week

Warlock Lvl 14 (Reached)

Night Revels Ran dungeons a few times, got my Red Reaper Armor!


7 Days To Die

Permadeath Group Challenge

Zeds Turned on.. HORRIBLE spawn.. Zeds in our base, outside our base, we had like 40-50 just beating the walls down, Myth and Sahaba are with us no more, but Rent and I fight on barely

Dungeons & Dragons 5E Tabletop

Xanathar’s Guide To Everything

Got early pre release copy, poured through it a few times, Review soon


Pineleaf Week

Halfling Wizard 7 (with Drac)

House Deneith

  • The Black Loch
  • Storm the Beaches
  • The Tide Turns

Dragonborn Artificer Level 5

House Jorasco

  • The Graverobber
  • Mirra’s Sleepless Nights



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