Moria Coming To The One Ring And Adventures In Middle-earth RPG

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That gates of Moria are about to open up for The One Ring & Adventures In Middle-earth RPG.




‘Moria’ is the first release set to come to both games at the same time, arriving with support for both the original standalone The One Ring RPG and Adventures in Middle-earth, which is used as a setting with Dungeons & Dragons’ fifth edition ruleset. Cubicle 7 previously adapted existing One Ring supplements for Adventures in Middle-earth.


About Adventures in Middle-earth
Cubicle 7’s smash hit setting for 5th Edition OGL, Adventures in Middle-earth brings unique classes, cultures and virtues to the world’ favourite roleplaying game. It also introduces a series of additional rules for journeys in Middle-earth, audiences with the great and the good, and a whole lot more.

About The One Ring
First released in 2011, and written by Francesco Nepitello and Marco Maggi, The One Ring Roleplaying Game provides an original and highly flavourful set of rules for roleplaying in Middle-earth. The One Ring is renowned as the single most faithful adaptation of Middle-earth in tabletop roleplaying games.



Moria is due out for The One Ring RPG and Adventures in Middle-earth as a ‘deluxe box set’ in 2018.

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