Kill The Unicorns Card Game On Kickstarter

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A long time ago, far far away, a Queendom was overrun with thousands of pesky
unicorns, relieving themselves on private property, eating endangered plant life and
subsequently farting a lot! As unicorn gas is toxic, air pollution in the Queendom
drastically increased, seriously impacting the local environment. Eager to show
citizens that their princess was able to take action, she and her team of misfits would
catch, and kill all the unicorns! During this hunt, the citizens could make a lot of
money, as word was that Gnomes with their Black Market would pay top gold for Unicorns
in great condition …



Kill the Unicorns invites players to help with the annual four-day unicorn hunt.  The game combines blind bidding and set collection mechanics, with a healthy dose of “take that” play.  In each round, players first place secret “schemes” on the unicorns in play, which influence who can capture them.  Then they place hidden bids on the unicorns they hope to catch.  The highest bidder (after the effects of the schemes) claims the unicorn and its points.  Then unused bidding cards can be spent at the gnome-run black market to gain advantages.

The game comes with 145 cards and 20 tokens.  It is intended for 3 to 6 players, and plays in under 45 minutes.  MSRP is $20.00.



It’s currently seeking to fund on Kickstarter, and has smashed through there goal, in fact, the game funded in 3 hours!  And working on those stretch goals, with a pledge level of $20 for a copy of the game. Higher pledge tiers are also available, including a Legendary Edition of the game with more content or a plush pigicorn (Yes, I just said Pigcorn!). As of this posting you have 14 days to get in on the unicorn hunting madness!

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