Unearth Review



Brotherwise Games have released their first game that is not in the Boss Monster ecosystem.

Unearth is a game where you play as a tribe trying to rebuild ruins and ancient wonders to try and outscore your opponents. Mixing together dice rolling/placement with hand management.


Game Play

Each player is given a set of dice and two delver cards with special abilities. On your turn, you have the option to first play delver card(s) to modify your roll or for some other effect. Then the player selects a die and a ruin to roll the dice on. Rolls from one to three earn a stone token, used to build wonders which earn points and grant additional abilities. High-value rolls are also useful because when the total value of dice on a ruin meets the value printed on the ruin, the highest individual roll earns the ruin. Collecting sets of different colored ruins earn points, as does collecting ruins matching the ruin secretly dealt with each player during setup. Once all ruins have been claimed, points are tallied and a winner is crowned.



Game Components

The artwork is what sets this game apart I think, it has a style that reminded of Monument Valley android/i0s game.  If you know that game, the colors of the game, draw you into the theme. The 4 sets of dice, come in 4 different colors. The dice have a marble-like quality to them that looks great. There are 3 sizes of cards included in this game. There are the large tarot-sized cards that are used for the Ruins and End of Age decks. The regular playing card size cards that are used for the Wonders and the Reference cards. The Wonders match up with the Wonder tokens. The last card is the small euro size cards that are used for the Delver deck. These show off the little Delvers that represent your tribe. The tokens are of a thick cardboard these will represent the Lesser, Greater and Named Wonders, as well as the Stone tokens in 4 different colors. The cloth bag that you will use to hold all the tokens is very well built and thick. I’ll be honest and say I was shocked at how well this bag was made.


Final Thoughts


This game moves quickly with little downtime between turns. Most games will take about 30 minutes, so this will be a great game to break out at the start of a game night, as you’re waiting for our full group to show up.

My biggest complaint to the game is The randomness of the dice rolls plays a significant role in how your strategies will play out, you can have a plan in mind and that will go out the window very quickly if the RNG decided to not play nice with you, after a few plays you will quickly see this starting to happen, you can adjust yourself on the fly, but it’s all up to the RNG, not a bad thing in of itself.


This is a competitive game, so there is a slight touch of a “Take that” mechanic, it’s not bad as some games that have this. Just something to keep in mind, as some people do not like games with the “take that”



I would say this is a fun game that combines a few different mechanics and genre that all blend together in a fun time for a start of a game night, or some wonderful family fun.

You can find more information about Unearthed over at the Brotherwise Games website

You can order the game direct from Brotherwise Games

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A big thank you to Brotherwise Games, for sending over the review copy, this is no way had an effect on the outcome of this review.



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