DDO Players News Episode 185 – Pineleaf Saw The Movie



Patrick from DDOCast joins us this week, we talk about Ravenloft, The Strahd Raid, Sentient Weapons, Festivult and more!



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Game News

Curse Of Strahd Raid Bugged, Fix On The Way

Baba Lysaga Raid

Heroic Barovian Vendor NPC fix

Ravenloft First Thoughts

Happy Festivult!

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 263

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December Deals Week 3

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From The Dungeon

One Ring RPG Bundle Up On Bundle Of Holding

WizKids D&D Icons of the Realms: Classic Creatures Box Set Available Now


On The Table Top

The Wilds of Rhovanion Coming In A New Deluxe Expansion for The Lord of the Rings: the Card Game

Restoration Games Announce Expansion For Downforce

On The Screen

The Dark Crystal Heading Back To Theaters For 2 Nights Only

Last Chance to Purchase Sword Coast Legends


Week in Gaming

Drac Week

Ranger Lvl 13 With Pineleaf

Mists Of Ravenloft

  • Into the Mists
  • Death House
  • Fresh-baked Dreams
  • An Invitation to Dinner


Video Games

  • Tales From Candlekeep: Tomb Of Annihilation
  • Conan Exiles
  • Darkest Dungeons


7 Days To Die

  • Round 3 Of permadeath. We did random teams this team (people that spawned north and south) ended up with same teams


Pineleaf Week

Halfling Paladin Level 10

Mists of Ravenloft

  • Into the Mists
  • Death House


Human Druid Level 10

Mists of Ravenloft

  • Into the Mists
  • Death House
  • Fresh-baked Dreams
  • An Invitation to Dinner (Could not find the Icon of Ravenloft in the North Tower)



  • Found a spider spawner near the earth temple, which I converted into a string farm.
  • My goal with this is to get enough wool for banners to decorate the temple.
  • My goal is to finish the temple within the next week.


Patrick Week

Ravenloft Flagging

Raid A Few Times


7 Days To Die

Perma Death Round 3



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