Deluxe Pairs Card Game Review



Deluxe Pairs from Cheapass Games, is the latest addition to their family-friendly lineup of games. It’s quick to learn and blast to play.



Deluxe Pairs is played with a 55-card deck in which there is one “1” card, two “2” cards, three “3” cards, and on up to ten “10” cards. Each number has its own flavorful “suit,” of pears, peaches, cherries, blueberries, it’s pretty darn fruity, but that’s part of the fun!

The goal of Deluxe Pairs is to avoid getting points, and you get points when you draw matching pairs of cards throughout the game.

If you know how to play  Blackjack, then you will be right at home here,  except the deck is designed to favor some cards over others. You see, a Deluxe Pairs deck has one 1 card, two 2 cards, three 3 cards, and so on, all the way up to ten 10 cards. So not only is drawing a 10 dangerous with its high point value, but it carries the additional risk of being more likely to come up in a deck than, say, a 2 or a 3.


Game Play

The dealer passes each player a face-up card, and the player with the lowest card goes first choosing whether to take another card or to fold. If a player hits and draws a card that does not make a pair with those already in front of him or her, the round continues. If the hit is a pair or the player folds, the player takes points and the round is over. The dealer passes out a new round, and play continues until someone hits the predetermined score to lose and end the game.



The rulebook includes 30 different Paris games variations to help spice things up a bit if you find yourself a bit bored with the base game



Final Thoughts

There is a certain number of any given card, so if you know how to count cards, you can quickly pick up on what cards or left, the combat this you will “burn” five cards at the start of every round.

Overall this a great family game, it’s fast and easy to play, there is slight press your luck here as well, as you can either fold or go for one card. Which can and will often get you into the trouble!

This would make a great warm up to any game night, grab a beer and some food and throw down a few rounds of this, to get things going.


You can order your own copy of Deluxe Paris via Cheap Ass Games or Amazon




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