New Dalek Set Coming For Exterminate! Miniatures Game

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Warlord’s first Doctor Who release of 2018 features two iconic Daleks and Genesis Ark ship

Following from the Dalek plastic sets, Warlord Games, announce an all-new boxed set, Maximum Extermination! featuring two unique Dalek metal figures, the fearsome Special Weapons Dalek and the red Supreme Dalek. The set is finished off with a beautifully crafted resin Genesis Ark.



The Special Weapons Dalek, first seen in the 1988 story Remembrance of the Daleks, is a heavily-armed Dalek featuring greater offensive capabilities than a regular Dalek and was built to withstand even the strongest enemy fire. This unique design featured an enormous energy cannon mounted on the upper half of its body, replacing the usual eye stalk, manipulator arm and gun stick found on standard Dalek casings.

The Genesis Ark was a prison ship constructed using stolen Time Lord technology. Although only slightly larger in size to a normal Dalek casing, it was dimensionally transcendental, like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside than the outside, and transported millions of Daleks from the Last Great Time War to the present day, where the Ark was opened and the Daleks inside were released into the sky above Torchwood Tower to wreak havoc upon humanity.



For more information head to the  Doctor Who site here for pre-order information soon, from Warlord Games.


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