In Search Of… Coming Back To TV

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History is bringing back In Search Of,  based on the iconic 1970s franchise, as a 10-episode docu-series, hosted and executive produced by Emmy-nominated Zachary Quinto



The new version was greenlit today,  The 10-episode unscripted series, which is inspired by the 1970s franchise of the same name, will explore unexplained phenomena — alien encounters, UFO sightings, time travel, and artificial intelligence — from all around the world.

From the mythical to the scientific, each episode will follow Quinto as he investigates a different subject within a dynamic theme – such as alien encounters, mysterious creatures, UFO sightings, time travel and artificial intelligence – and searches for the truth to some of the world’s greatest mysteries. “In Search Of” will explore enigmas told through the eyes of witnesses and scholars with a personal connection to the phenomenon and include immersive demonstrations and experiments that contextualize each episode’s theme. The original “In Search Of” series aired from 1977-1982 and was hosted by Rod Serling and later by Leonard Nimoy following Serling’s death.


“I am so excited to be reimagining ‘In Search Of’ and exploring new questions and phenomena with all of the advancements in science and technology from which we have benefitted in the past forty years since the original series first aired, In the spirit of my late dear friend Leonard Nimoy, we intend to honor and perpetuate his endless curiosity about the world – and universe – in which we live. Our director Eddie Schmidt and our partners at Propagate, Universal Television Alternative Studio and FremantleMedia International have ignited the process with enthusiasm and intelligence, and HISTORY is the perfect home for this unique and compelling series.”  Zachary Quinto


Does anyone else find ironic the guy that played Spock in the movies, is now taking over the show that “Spock” hosted?


  1. Loved this show back in the day so Yes please. Make it so!

    • I know right! I loved this watching this as a kid, and seeing all the weird, scary stuff they would do

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