Osprey Games Announce First Miniatures Game, Martin Wallace’s Wildlands

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In this fantasy game for two to four players, rival factions struggle for power in the ruins of a once-great kingdom, now known simply as the Wildlands. Each skirmish sees players attempt to outwit, outmaneuver, and overpower their opponents as they fight for riches and glory, scoring points by defeating enemy characters and collecting treasure. Familiarity with your favored faction will help, but adaptability is the key to victory, as a semi-randomized set-up and double-sided board means that no two battles will tell the same tale.

The vivid world of Wildlands is brought to life through the artwork, board, and the twenty unique miniatures included in the game. Sculpted by Bobby Jackson and Tim Prow, they portray a wide range of characters, from powerful wizards and cunning gnomes to hulking beasts and mighty warriors.



“I’ve been designing games for a few years now and sometimes you wonder if you are just revisiting old designs and themesWildlands was an opportunity for me to do something off the beaten track: a fast-moving, tactical combat game with asymmetric special powers. I was very pleased when the design found a home with Osprey Games, who have done an amazing job of developing and refining the system, as well as applying an engaging thematic background. They did fantastic work with London, so I’m expecting this to be simply awesome when it finally hits the shelves.” Award-Winning Designer Martin Wallace


Miniature prototype. Figure not final

“Our aim with Wildlands is to bring the excitement of skirmish games to the masses, offering approachable mechanics without sacrificing the drama or strategic decision-making so integral to the genre. We’ve created four factions full of personality, with characters,  that reflect each group’s unique play style, and an enticing fantasy environment that we can’t wait to bring to the tabletop.” Duncan Molloy, Games Developer at Osprey Games


Look for Wildlands Q4 2018, MSRP Not announced.



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