A sneak peek at Update 24’s dungeons and beyond


We got some big game news curtsey of content designer Knockback, Via a forums post he made. One thing in particular  he mentioned, made me yell with glee.. (For real, I yelled out loud)

Here is what he he had to say :

Update 24 will be previewed on Lamannia starting this weekend, so now seems like a good time to unveil its dungeons. Get ready for some surprises!

First up in Update 24 is a new content pack, Heart of Madness. The plane of Xoriat is encroaching on Eberron once again and the result is three dungeons full of Xorian insanity. Both the Lord of Eyes and the Lord of Stone are back, as well as some other fan favorite characters. (Hint – one of the dungeons is named “Fashion Madness.”) The centerpiece of the pack is “Terminal Delirium,” the follow-up to two of our most popular dungeons. Once again you’ll be returning to the Sleeping Spell Inn, and once again you’ll be seeing—and be turned into—some very unusual things. Heart of Madness is CR 18 Heroic/26 Epic, and is a paid pack (450 Turbine Points; free to VIPs of course.)

Also coming in Update 24 is a Forgotten Realms dungeon themed to tie in with Wizards of the Coast’s Tyranny of Dragons storyline. You’ll infiltrate a Cult of the Dragon base while on the trail of the fabled White Dragon mask. “The Mask of Deception” is CR 16 Heroic/30 Epic, and is free to everyone.



Many of you might recall that they have presivouly stated they wanted us to head toward Anauroch (which for those of you not up on your Forgetten Relam’s lore, is The Great Sand Sea, is a magical desert in northern Faerûn.

Knockback says :

Earlier we had mentioned Anauroch as one of the places we wanted to go in 2014. Obviously that’s not happening.

Why the change? It’s tempting to blame it all on Xorian madness, but the truth is we’ve been listening to what excites you guys when it comes to D&D settings. We may still make it to Anauroch eventually, but don’t expect it any time soon. It’s a long, long walk from Cormyr. Instead of the blazing hot desert, we’re going someplace cooler instead.

Hum, cooler than the Great Sand Sea? Where could this be?

Knockback went on to say :

So what kind of cool things led to the detour away from Anauroch? One of them will be coming in Update 25. Since The Haunted Halls of Eveningstar was received so well, we’ve decided to adapt another classic pen-and-paper module to DDO. Rather than blabbing on, I’ll skip right to the awesome part and give you five simple words:

The Temple of Elemental Evil.

Yep, we will be creating our own version of the original, classic Temple inside DDO. We’re very excited about adapting one of the most famous modules in Dungeons and Dragons history, and we hope you are too.


Let me just say this.. HOLY CRAP! Temple Of Elemental Evil!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! (This about what I screamed out-loud, mind you when I read this news!)


So, what do you think of this news? It’s good to see we have some hints as to what’s to come!

I’ll just be here over in the corner rocking back and forth, thinking about all the adventures I’ve had in Pen And Paper in the Temple.



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  1. I can not believe that the Temple is back! What a great way to bring such an awesome adventure back to life. In my days of PnP Dungeons and Dragons, I spent many hours both questing and DMing through the different planes that the Temple had to offer. I am sure that the folks at Turbine will do a great job and bringing this module into the digital age.


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