Festivult is coming!


Brace yourselves. It’s coming..
Cordovan posted on the forums

The Jester of the Festivult is arriving soon! Festivult Coins are now appearing in chests throughout the game. Hang on to the coins and trade them with the Festivult Jester for cookies!





So, look for those coins dropping in chests! and save them for the wonderful cookies!


 *Thanks to Anne and Sig former hosts of DDOCast for the wonderful graphic*




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  1. FuzzyDuck81 /

    Store page states that the Jester will be arriving on the 12th to turn in the coins.. which probably means update 24 will be arriving that day too because:

    a) u24 will include the usual shuffling around of certain cookie/cake/jelly effects (and probably amend the reward list in other ways too), so it’d be kinda dumb to have new ones appearing with the old effects for a couple of days then change a load around.

    b) While enabling stuff like coins is a pretty simple toggle switch for whether or not they drop in chests, I’m fairly sure switching the jester on/off (and the ice festival stuff too) requires a server restart due to changing certain terrain features & it’d just create annoyance to have 2 sessions of downtime when they can just do 1.


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