The Risia Ice Games and Midwinter Festival are back


Break out those skates! it’s back!


DDO Winter Games


The village of Eveningstar has frozen over and the fun is just getting started! Head on over to the frozen river and use your free daily tokens to your hand at speed skating.

While whirling through the course, catch as many snowflakes as you can! These snowflakes can be traded in for prizes such as wintery upgrades to armor and shields and a rare polar bear cub!  Be on the lookout for Midwinter Voles-hit them with an attack or spell and receive double snowflakes and Haste!

Or you can head over to Eberron


The Harbor
An ice skating rink is available at the base of the Lighthouse!
The ice jump begins at the top of the Harbor cliff behind the Harbormaster’s House!
House Phiarlan
An icy half-pipe is available at the back of the Bogwater Tavern!
Collect the floating white, blue, and purple ice coins and trade them with the powerful wizard, Jack Frostbite, for wondrous icy gifts, crafting recipe cards, and frosty ingredients for the Risian Eldritch Device at the Lighthouse! Jack can be found at the Bogwater half-pipe or by the Lighthouse ice rink helping to keep the ice cold! If you find your winter sporting skills lacking, you can still earn ice coins by doing some good old fashion clobbering! Hunt down fire creatures in quests, adventure areas, and raids, who can also drop the ice coins!
Enjoy all the winter fun as the event runs now through February 15th.

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