Wizards Of The Coast Layoffs


So it seems like Wizards has trimmed down the work force for Dungeons And Dragons.

Chris Sims has been layed off. Chris  was hired by WotC in 2005. Chris was Part of the D&D 5E launch,  edited  for the Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide, and was responsible for stat block development in the Monster Manual.


Chris Sims tweeted about this Jan 28th



Chris later went on to say



We wish Chris all the best, and hope he lands a great job soon!

On a side note, I meet Mr Sims a few years ago at Gencon (well we were on a elevator together. I told him I admired his work and he thanked me and we made some small chit chat as went stopped from floor to floor. A very personal guy.



  1. Guess we know where Turbine get their employment ideas from now: – get the work done, layoff the people who did it once it’s finished….

  2. The typical company seems to churn out their existing workforce (except for upper management, of course) after 7 to 10 years of employment – note Mr. Sims start date of 2005. Advice to everyone: pursue self-employment instead of working for The Conspiracy.

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