DDO Store Sales: Feb 13th – Feb 19th


Free Sample Of The Week

February 13th – February 19th
Lesser Slayer Count Boost x1 Use Coupon Code SLAY13 1/Account

Adventure Packs

250-1495 200-1196

Drac Says – Always good to see this go on sale! If your not VIP! Thumbs_Up-Custom
  • Packs Included With Sale:

    Three-Barrel Cove
    The Catacombs
    The Sharn Syndicate
    Delera’s Tomb
    The Dreaming Dark
    Attack On Stormreach
    The Necropolis, Part 1
    The Necropolis, Part 2
    The Necropolis, Part 3
    The Necropolis, Part 4
    The Path of Inspiration
    The Reaver’s Reach
    The Restless Isles
    The Ruins of Gianthold
    The Ruins of Threnal
    The Devils of Shavarath
    Sorrowdusk Isle
    Harbinger of Madness
    Tangleroot Gorge
    The Vale of Twilight
    Reign of Madness
    Phiarlan Carnival
    Devil Assault
    Sentinels of Stormreach
    Vault of Night
    Red Fens
    Demon Sands
    Secrets of the Artificers
    The Druid’s Deep
    The High Road of Shadows
    Haunted Halls of Eveningstar
    Shadow Under Thunderholme

Quest XP Elixirs

 60-5250 48-4200

Drac Says – These will help you level faster. I’ve never been one for rushing to the end.. It’s about the journey!Thumbs_Up-Custom

Double Bonus Points! Feb 13th – Feb 22nd


“I Love DDO” Weekend:
+20% Heroic XP, +5% VIP XP, and Double Mysterious Remnants! Champions have twice the chance to drop remnants!
Feb 13th – Feb 17th

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