Darkplane: A Campaign Setting

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There are some many RPG’s trying to get made this days. It seems the “Go To” place for this is Kickstarter.

I ran across and interesting one titled “Darkplane”

The Darkplane universe is a campaign setting of weird horror for 5th edition (of, you know, everyone’s favorite RPG) that blends all sorts of pulp genres into a rich, culturally diverse history. Since the book is largely system-neutral, it’ll be a valuable asset to any horror or dark fantasy roleplaying game.


As you can tell this is a very horror themed campaign setting.

The World Appears Mundane. To the everyday inhabitants of Vinramar, magic is only a dark legend. Half-believed traditions of the supernatural prevail among commoners—whispers of spirits, strange magic, and unexplained terrors—but few people come in contact with such things. Darkplane campaigns focus on those special few.

Perilous Horrors Hide Under Every Stone. Beneath the facade of the everyday world lies a nightmare realm, the true reality that would drive common folk to madness. Magic is rare and dangerous. Vengeful abominations creep into the natural world from other dimensions, sowing chaos and fear. Frightful vestiges of pre-human civilizations lie hidden in the earth, and some of their immortal denizens live unseen among mortals. When such supernatural forces come in contact with average people, the scars they leave are deep and troubling.

God is Dead. Shortly following the creation, the supreme creator Sowm was killed by Her son Daemoth, plunging the Heavens into an endless war. The key players in this conflict are unfathomable gods who rarely visit the mortal realm, but their followers are all too eager to drag the world through milennia of bloodshed and carnage. These priests might be showmen, sages, or warmongering vipers, but if their faith is sufficient they can channel powerful wonders.

The Darkplane Encompasses All. The four worlds are surrounded by an endless void beyond natural reality, called the Darkplane. The Darkplane is populated and ruled by mysterious aberrant powers so unnatural that their comprehension is almost beyond mortal minds. Daemoth’s slow conquest of the Darkplane has driven these alien horrors into the four worlds, where their presence infects and twists natural creatures into unspeakable aberrations.

So I’m sure you asking what I was as well




This had me curious though,

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So, he is “Gifting” you a copy if you back it? oh Kickstarter…

Check out the Kickstarter page for yourself, I will be keeping an eye on this for sure.






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