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With the new Warlock class in the works I wanted to write about possible ideas for new playable races. Anytime a new race or class is added to Dungeons and Dragons Online it’s like a breath of fresh air for the game. Old adventuring buddies seem to come out of the woodwork ready to save Eberron once more. So let’s dive right into my top three picks for new playable races.

Gnomeward Bound

Gnome Bard

My first pick is Gnome. One of the last common races in the Eberron Campaign Setting that haven’t been added in the past nine years. Gnomes belong to the dragonmarked house of Sivis. They bear the Mark of Scribing and their favored class is Bard. They are taller than Halflings and not as tall as Dwarves. Illusionist by nature, they have a +1 DC bonus to Illusion spells. Would love to see them added but I’m not too sure if they would even be an impact to the game with already having Halflings. Do we need more short characters running around? Do we have enough step stools on the airships?


Tiefling Rogue

My second choice would be Tiefling. Not a playable class in the Eberron Campaign Setting but certainly one we’ve killed plenty of times in DDO. Tieflings are, however, a playable race in other campaign settings. With DDO adding Forgotten Realms and becoming “Unlimited” in 2012 it really opens up some possibilities. Tieflings would add a darker side to things in DDO. Horned heads and demonic ways, their favored class is rogue. I know we already have Shadar-Kai but Tieflings would give the rogue class a better feel and look. They start out with +2 intelligence so Wizard class would also be a good fit for Tiefling.

Dragonborn Ultimatum

Dragonborn Sorc

My third and favorite choice would definitely be DRAGONBORN! I don’t know where to begin with this. Let me try to keep this short and sweet. First off the Dragonborn’s favored classes are Sorcerer and Paladin. They are tremendous fighters with starting stats of +4 to Strength and +2 to Consitution. On top of that they are dragons and have a racial Dragon Breath ability! They are awesome in my opinion and definitely would mesh well with the Draconic Incarnation epic destiny tree as a sorcerer.

What would you pick?

Well these are my top three races I would like to see added to DDO. I’d like to hear from you guys and gals what races or even classes you’d like to possibly see added. So please take time to leave me a comment below.

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  1. Crikey – you’ve picked my top 3!

  2. The gnome race has to be included at some point in DDO as it is the only core race to have been omitted so far. However, I would personally like to see the Tiefling race to add some flavor to the rogue and new Warlock classes.

  3. Draculetta /

    As I have said on the Podcast, I’m all for Tiefling. I would also like to see the Feytouched.

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