The Temple of Elemental Evil Update 25 on Lamannia


Lamannia is now open with a preview of Update 25! The Temple of Elemental Evil is now available for our first, early look on Lamannia!

Notes have been posted on the forums by  Cordovan.

Highlights include:

Known Issues:

Temple of Elemental Evil (LAMANNIA ONLY):

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): Update 25 loot is not yet available for preview.

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): The entrance to the Temple of Elemental Evil is not in its final location; it will be moved closer to the main entrances/exits of the Hall of Heroes before release.

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): Using the Fire Altar in the Fire Temple more than once can cause you to become locked in the room permanently. Do not use the Fire Altar more than once.

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): Experience values have not been set.

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): Not all optional objectives are in yet.

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): There is no Dungeon Master audio in the dungeons yet.

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): Some monsters and NPCs do not have their proper appearance.

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): Some monsters and NPCs do not yet have dialog.

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): In part two, the section set inside the Temple that’s off the main path does not yet have deco or lighting.

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): Bandit Trappers may not lay traps in some circumstances.

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): There is a ballista encounter in the Temple that is not yet functioning correctly.

  • NEW (LAMANNIA ONLY): New traps have a string table error for their names.


There will also be a special event on Friday.

We’ll have some folks from the DDO team on Lamannia tomorrow, Friday, from approximately 8:00-10:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT). We’ll be helping folks out with some loot in the Test Dojo as well.


A character wipe has been conducted. The main reason for this is to allow players to copy over their most recent/applicable characters to check things out. Please remember that Lamannia has the Test Dojo, so it’s quite easy to build up a character to cap within five to ten minutes if you wish. We will have some loot distribution during Friday’s event. Until the character wipe takes place, you’ll waste your time if you try to copy over a character, so please wait for further announcement before using the tool, which can be found here.


I for one have been waiting for this for along time, I spent MANY hours in the Temple in Pen and Paper, and can’t wait to see what they do it with in game!

See ya on Lamannia!


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