Pure and Simple

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Changing Trends

Go back just a few years. What do you see? I see multiclass builds and clones. Rarely would I come across a pure build in my adventures. Always a splash of this or that. It was trendy to splash two levels of monk or rogue for the evasion feat. It still is but not as necessary. Everyone is getting stronger, tougher, and more people are surviving through elite traps. Another major trend was to splash six levels of monk or ranger for archery purposes. I look around anytime I’m at the auction house or the Wayward Lobster and examine other player’s characters. You know what I see? Pure builds.

Attack of the Clones

I think of some of the most trendy builds of yesteryear and none of them were pure class builds. Tukaw, Moncher, Juggernaut and Cetus. Awesome trendy builds that are still revisited, reworked and revamped to this day. In their peak of popularity you could run through the harbor in Stormreach and see five or more people cloning those builds. Today, builds are still cloned, but you can’t see them. What you do see is a level 20 paladin, barbarian, bard, druid and so on. Pure and simple yet there’s no way to actually tell if they are using a trending build or not. The clones are attacking in secrecy.

Thumbs Up

When I first started Musk in 2010 I wanted to try my best to play every life with a pure build. After the first six lives I strayed away into more powerful multiclass builds. I honestly find it refreshing to see pure builds in the masses. May the capstones reign for many years to come! Musk: APPROVED

So what is causing this pure build trend?

Well I have a theory that two things are to blame. After speaking with my long time in-game friend, Dextrometer, I feel like one big reason is capstones. Some capstones have changed and offer power that can’t be passed up. The second reason is new trending builds. Gingerspyce’s druid and the Count of Monte Cristo bard builds come to mind. These are pure class builds that are strong, versatile and can handle epic elite content. Furthermore both of the builds I just mention can do very well with a first life character. Which again, is a big change to builds of old where they required many past lives or even completionist.

Keep in mind I’m writing this based on what I see on my server. Now I know for a fact each server is different. So what does it look like on your server? Are the pure builds taking over? If so, what do you think the cause might be? I’m interested in hearing what other people think so leave your comments below.
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