Gen Con Issues Follow Up Statement, After Speaking With Indiana Governor Mike Pence


We normally don’t report on anything to do with politics on DDO Players, but this is making some waves in the gaming community, so I thought I should report on this.


Adrian Swartout CEO/Owner of Gen Con LLC has released another letter to all Gen Con attendees after a morning phone call with Indiana Governor Mike Pence


Thank you for your continued communications with Gen Con extending your support for our efforts to fight against discrimination. The passage of Indiana SB 101 into the Religious Freedom Reformation Act (RFRA) law has ignited tremendous passion among attendees as well as across the country. We at Gen Con LLC fully expected that the well-informed and opinionated community that comprises Gen Con would be outspoken, and we are pleased to be able to help in amplifying this signal. This morning Indiana Governor Mike Pence took time to call and discuss Indiana’s recently passed RFRA law. Governor Pence has stated that he believes the outcry against this law is based upon a misunderstanding. We respectfully disagree with this position. A significant portion of Gen Con attendees identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, and we are reading that some members of our community feel unsafe traveling to Indiana, subsequent to the passage of the RFRA law. We understand this sentiment, and will act to support safety.


Mr. Swartout goes on to say that :

Gen Con 2015 will be held, as planned, at the Indiana Convention Center July 30 through August 2. Gen Con staff are working in partnership with the City of Indianapolis, local businesses, Visit Indy, and other grassroots organizations to ensure fair and safe treatment during this year’s show. We support Indianapolis Mayor Ballard’s plan to sign an executive order requiring business adherence to the Indianapolis human rights ordinance, which identifies sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes.

Gen Con has asked Governor Pence to support an amendment to RFRA that includes protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. We believe that freedom from discrimination is a fundamental human right. Until Gen Con has received legally sound assurances that Indiana will support these rights, we are halting our plans to expand Gen Con into Lucas Oil Stadium, and plans for further expansion into other hotel convention spaces.

The letter closes with :

Gen Con’s growth in Indianapolis has been tremendous. Our success is due in part to Hoosier hospitality and the acceptance of the Indy community. If you want to see Gen Con continue to be hosted in Indianapolis we ask that you please direct your voices toward the General Assembly, and to Governor Pence. Speak up, and tell them to amend or repeal RFRA.




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