Baker’s Dozen


What exactly is the Baker’s Dozen?

It’s basically the number 13 minus one. Where there was 13 of something, anything really, and it lost one of that something. In Eberron it has a repetitive and a residual play on history that can transform our mmorpg. One example is the 13 Dragonmarks. The 13th mark, the Mark of Death, has no known living bearers. Which in turn gave us Update 23 the Mark of Death where we confront Erandis Vol an undead bearer of the Mark of Death. So the Baker’s Dozen is a unique tool that DDO’s game developers can truly bring new adventures to us in the game.

Additonal Examples

  •  There are 13 unique planes, but only 12 of them currently interact with Eberron on a regular basis.
  • There are currently 13 different nations, but one of those is a wasteland known as the Mournland.
  • The ancient calendar of the giant empire is said to have 13 months, whereas the current calendar has 12.
  • During the Age of Giants, legend says there were 13 moons, but currently there are 12 because one has vanished!
  • In the dwarven Mror Holds, there were 13 clans, but one has been destroyed, leaving 12.

Who is Keith Baker?

In 2002, Keith Baker was a freelancer His Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting of Eberron was chosen as the winner among the 11,000 submissions to the Wizards of the Coast Fantasy Setting Search in 2002. Baker produced the Eberron Campaign Setting in 2004 alongside James Wyatt and Bill Slavicsek, the first of many background books focused on the setting. He lives in Portland, Oregon. He has a tattoo of the Greater Mark of Making on his right arm. How cool is that?


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