5000 Turbine Point Code Giveaway (Entries Closed)


DDO Players is giving away a 5000 Turbine PointΒ code thanks to supporters on Patreon.

Entries will close on May 26th.

How to Enter

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment below. Duplicate comments from the same user will be only counted once. Each comment will be assigned a number in order. The winner will be selected with a random number generator. The winner will be contacted through the email attached to the comment.

Please make sure you have a valid email that you check regularly attached to the account you are commenting with. We will send an email to the winner. The winner will have a week to respond. Once they respond we will send them the code and the contest will end. If the winner does not respond within a week, we will choose and contact a new winner who will also have a week to respond. This will continue to repeat until we find a winner.

All DDO Players website/podcast past or current staff and immediate family are not be eligible for this contest.

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  1. Nice going, guys! Keep it up. πŸ™‚

  2. carpengui /

    Oh, my – yes. Let’s do it.

  3. Heather M. /

    Yes! Turbine points!

  4. This sounds great!! Can we use them for LOTRO too?? Or is it DDO only (which wouldn’t be a problem btw πŸ˜› )?

  5. Uurlock Ygmeov /

    wow – first? thank you!

  6. MCQ /

    Oh cool! Very nice contest. Thank you!

  7. This would be awesome to win! πŸ™‚

  8. commented!

  9. Euclidian /

    First! πŸ™‚

  10. Let’s try the luck.

    Thank you for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  11. Long live DDO!

  12. Life long DDO player.

  13. Dakota /


  14. Scott R Bond /

    5000 is alot of TP

  15. John B. /

    Gimmeh ma 5000 TPs!

  16. Seikojin /

    Congratulations on the Patreon goals!

  17. Best of luck all!

  18. Wow, this is very generous of you! πŸ™‚

  19. Joe Clements /

    Back after 2 years off. Can’t stay away from DDO!!!

  20. Tarelyn Starre-Knight /

    Woot πŸ™‚

  21. saekee /

    Wow! Thanks for offering this!

  22. Orion /

    Pick me please πŸ™‚

  23. This is my Comment to enter the Giveaway

  24. Livmo /

    No matter where you go, there you are. Buckaroo Bonzai.

  25. Madja /

    This sounds great πŸ™‚ Count me in!

  26. jeanna /

    Love turbine points. lets have fun playing.

  27. Enoach /

    Pulling a number πŸ˜‰

  28. john /

    I’d finally be able to unlock the stuff I’ve wanted for years, bit spent my to on adventure packs instead.

  29. Mike Grant /

    Great Idea =)

  30. FRanklin /

    Just heard of Patreon and will have to check it out. Anything that supports the players and makes the game more fun is a plus as far as I’m concerned. Thanks…

  31. Relim /

    Here’s hoping for 5k TP…

  32. Bob /

    new to this site…liking it so far

  33. Did I win?


  34. William Traxler /

    What up…5000 points

  35. William DeArmond /

    would love 5ooo tp to spend

  36. Wizenmann /

    Gimps and Noobs

  37. Randel Thibodeaux /

    The redistribution of Turbine Points ….. to me!

  38. Jerry Melton /

    5k in points count me in !

  39. Brad /

    Glad you’re getting enough support to do things like this.

  40. Leland Warner /

    Here we go!

  41. I can haz 5k points? seriously great giveway idea

  42. Lighthardtt /

    If I win, I promise to donate 100 TP to the “teach Elminster how to show up before the battle is over (and to learn greater teleport so he isn’t leaving the adventurers in the lurch)”.

  43. Steiner-Davion /

    Loving the podcast, keep up the great work. Hope to see you guys in Ebberron

  44. Azzzzz /

    It’s good to see these type of contents. Big shout out to those at Patreon for doing this!

  45. Ricardo dos Santos /

    wow!!!! 5ktp?? *_*

  46. Jon_D /

    Mmmmm, 5000 points. πŸ™‚

  47. James Kincade /

    Let the old man win

  48. 5000 just happens to be my lucky number.

  49. Scorpion /

    Count me in!

  50. David Hintz /


  51. Storm /

    Thanks for doing this and in the process, introducing me to DDOplayers.com πŸ™‚

  52. albert/polymatrix /


  53. TempestAO /

    Who doesn’t want 5000 points?

  54. Lucas /


  55. Sulakor /

    Great contest

  56. Malreynolds @ Argo /

    This might work πŸ˜‰

  57. Overshadowing banana.

  58. Whoo hooo, all the points!!

  59. Trevor Johnson /

    daddy needs a new pair of shoes (and tomes, and charecter slots)

  60. Bob /

    I hold this random spot.

  61. Woohoo! Thanks for doing this!

  62. Jaksta99 /

    Think of all those kobolds I could kill if I had 5000 Turbine points hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..cough cough cough

  63. Lisa /

    Awesome of you to do this!! πŸ™‚

  64. brucelee82 /

    here is my comment

  65. keep up the good work on the show guys!

  66. Aerriss /

    This sounds like a great way to draw in new players…or to bring back old ones. Great idea, and hopefully keep them coming πŸ™‚

  67. Garrido /

    I should be studing πŸ™‚

  68. Soyang /

    Just what I need to outfit a new Warlock

  69. Vyder /

    Good luck all.

  70. comment /


  71. Will /

    5000 points would be dope. Good luck to everyone and thanks for doing this.

  72. Pseudopod /

    5k is a huge reward. Thanks for the sweepstake! *crosses fingers*

  73. toastifer /


  74. Don /

    pick me, pick me!!!!

  75. Kobold never forget! Kobold remember Waterworks!!

  76. GumpsGang /

    What would Felicia Day do?

  77. GauArrowny /

    I could really use some TP right about now.

  78. Rrowlf /

    C’mon Big Money!!!

  79. Bakemon /

    hello, not like i will win but lets try

  80. Rrowlf /

    a turbine point for every hour I wish I could play in the year.

  81. Scot Thomas /

    The anticipation of a 5000TP arrival πŸ™‚

  82. Luccki /

    Great idea for ddaddicts!

  83. Dettmar Behm /

    Great contest idea!

  84. richard /

    man that sure would come in handy

  85. Zombies /

    thank you for these giveaways

  86. Michael Levesque /

    Count me in πŸ˜‰

  87. gregor /

    I’m f2p, so the points would come in handy ;->

  88. Dan Bressler /


  89. Ellis Dee /

    Kobold smell all! Kobold Omni-sniff-ient…

  90. Paula L. Ferry /

    Oh, that would be so very nice! Thanks guys for this! I love DDO!!!

  91. Jason Reinke /


  92. David Tate /

    As Donkey would say, “Pick me! Pick me!”

  93. Druic /

    Sweet thanks goodluck everyone!

  94. Maudib /


  95. Neil /

    What a surprise. Good on you all! Thanks for doing this.

  96. Mal /

    Long live the Elven Syndicate!!!!!!

  97. Garth Giantbane /

    Yippee yahooy… free points!

  98. Ziindarax /

    This contest is a wonderful idea… Perhaps these 5000 points will make a suitable offering in lieu of bartering my character’s souls away in strange pacts to potentially evil powers.

    Cannot wait for level cap increase, Amrath, and Warlocks (hoping to make a lawful good paladin/warlock/cleric laser lord).

  99. Woot!!! Count me in!! πŸ™‚

  100. michael myers /

    I like TP

  101. Danileya /

    Sounds like fun.

  102. Stephen Palko /

    Wow 5000 tp Imagine all those trs I can do

  103. I love Pointed Turbines. All the better to get amazing things to happen with.

  104. vladish82 /

    Props for a cool giveaway. Good luck with selection, quite the variety here. Cheers!

  105. Wyvern /

    All the quests I would complete if I had more tp

  106. Robert Fowler /

    That would be greatly appreciated.

  107. Mateo /

    DDO is still the most fun MMO out there!

  108. thomas colvard /

    Been playing DDO for 6 years.5000 turbine points would be awesome πŸ™‚

  109. Killinous /

    Woohoo! Me likey! More to contribute to the evil empire known as WB!!

  110. Don’t Worry, all we have left is to find the Phlactery, the shadow dragon, the Kuls, and the trash. Piece of cake! (Famous last words)

  111. lrdslvrhnd /

    Do or do not, there is no try!

    Also, kudos (or kudos not…) to you for this!

  112. Rinnaldo /

    Thanks for doing this!

  113. Stephen /


  114. Eric Perez /

    Muy Bueno!

  115. Ryzard /

    Please let me win!

  116. Woot! Ya’ll keep up the great work!

  117. Coin Toss /

    Incredibly shiny that will buy me shinies! Muhuwhahaha…

  118. Shane Hanna /

    yum, an item of unimaginable evil power.

  119. Mr. Lee /

    Come take my sadness away and make my day.

  120. Dreamsofwar /

    Best of luck to everyone!

  121. MalkavianX /

    I like free! πŸ˜€

  122. Robert Russell /


  123. Coin Toss /

    wait what? i dont even…

  124. Kristen Schroen /

    I could definitely use some extra Turbine Points!

  125. TheNix /

    Thanks for organizing this ddo giveaway πŸ™‚

  126. The Fpoon /


  127. Ithriael Dimtree /

    Woot, can’t have too many TP!

  128. Brian /

    So generous!

  129. Skunk_City /

    jabberwock bletherskate

  130. James Hartsell /

    Free is good, we’ll not always but this is!

  131. Me Like that.

  132. Yay! Good luck to whoever wins!

  133. Seth /

    Free money.

  134. Gimme the points πŸ˜€

  135. Yes, now is the time to ‘earn’ more TP, BEFORE you are desperate for it.

  136. Robert F. Ferry /

    I’m still learning the game, so the extra points would be nice. I like this game.

  137. Frodo DDO /

    woot tp πŸ˜€

  138. Dark Helmet /

    Hi Welcome

  139. HeadshotX /

    Good show

  140. Scott Shigemi /

    By signing this agreement you are willing to foresake any claim upon your soul or any loot rolls, your choice!

  141. gimme the prize!

  142. Kevin /

    Thanks guys!

  143. Retrojet /

    I have so many things I need to buy! Come on lucky Gold Roll!

  144. trapbait /

    Hey neat!

  145. Leonard /

    Good luck to everyone

  146. Bob /

    Great! Good luck all.

  147. Kilpanic /

    I’m entering new territory at Level 14, so if you see me in Thelanis and want to help out a new guy, drop me a line!

  148. Andrew /

    This is very nice. Good luck everyone!

  149. chris johnson /

    TP for my bung hole!!!

  150. Brian /

    You guys are awesome

  151. Headbusta /

    *looks up from coding a hack to win the random roll

    Nothing to see here, nothing at all…

  152. DenisM /

    Lets hope I win πŸ™‚

  153. DebbiM /

    Good Luck Everyone

  154. Ice Beast /


  155. Brian /

    nice giveaway.. hope I get lucky

  156. Artagon /

    Awesome idea, I’ll be bookmarking you guys, looks like you have a hub of info, I might stay a while.

  157. Heg /

    Let me try my luck as well πŸ™‚

  158. Sonia /

    hope ill get it

  159. Caroline /

    Very generous. πŸ˜€ Thank you, Turbine and all the lovely supporters on Patreon.

  160. DavidS /

    “All DDO Players past or current staff and immediate family are not be eligible for this contest.”
    Really? So who is eligible?

  161. John Sun /

    Sure, I like free stuff. πŸ™‚

  162. Steph /

    Hey thanks alot.So rare to find a real free contest.Good luck and have fun questing everyone 😎

  163. vincent livingston /

    sure lets give this a try lol

  164. Blamo /

    Please, please, please, let me win RNG.

  165. mandotheneset /


  166. peter /

    very cool! just found out about this website through the devtracker, will definitely check it out.

  167. Dan /

    Nice to have a straight up open contest without having to do a bunch of hoop jumping.

  168. Brandon Jimenez /

    Would be amazing is all I can say. Been pure f2p all this time, definitely could use it, Have my very first legend toon and its a struggle Leveling to say the least hehe.

  169. Evilgardengnome /

    The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Evilgardengnome, was to carry Excalibur. THAT is why I am your king.

  170. jhennay /

    Points!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  171. G. Lepke /

    Nice to have … happy holiday for all

  172. Taps /

    C’Mon Lucky number (?) To tired. Been playing for 17 hrs straight. Responded to someone elses comment my mistake.

  173. cronus /

    very nice thing to do for the community. thank you.

  174. Greater Mimic of TP-hoarding /



  175. Haykone /


  176. Fnordian /

    DDO is great! And Turbine Points even more so! Many thanks to Patreon!

  177. Eva /

    Awesome β™₯

  178. Korpivaellus /

    Hello,thanks to this chance to win…

  179. Cool giveaway.

  180. Matthew Fennell /

    Yay! This is amazing keep up the good work!

  181. Aliek /

    Oh my, that’s crazy. 5k pts is a lot.

  182. Rune /

    Will there be cake too?

  183. Morreion /

    Good luck to everyone

  184. Osvaldas /

    Happy hunting πŸ™‚

  185. Donisias /

    5000TP can really help

  186. FuzzyDuck81 /

    Great podcast, keep up the good work guys, here’s hoping for the rng’s blessings πŸ™‚

  187. ondrej hora /

    Thank you.

  188. Nice amount of TP!

  189. Zarebrant the Mantikhorian /

    hmmm… what would i do with so many points?!?

  190. Akman /

    that is so nice!lets see πŸ™‚

  191. Artemis /

    I never win anyway!

  192. HurtYouBad /

    a 5000 Tp code Contest..now thats IMPRESSIVE , actually I meant LEGENDARY , oh wait I mean EPIC….you know what I sayin and thnx for the Contest πŸ™‚

  193. EMP /

    woot! Free stuff is cool!

  194. Seald /

    Ooh great idea, awesome πŸ™‚

  195. Michael Ghost /

    Well done! Good luck everyone and cool site. Thx.

  196. gothos /

    Lol Pray to the gods for good fortune

  197. Olaf /

    Nice one.

  198. Horst /

    Nice idea to get ppl here.

  199. dahmour /

    awasome !

  200. RafaΕ‚ /

    Good luck, everyone!

  201. Tremendous giveaway! DDO Players woot woot

  202. David /

    Grats to the winner! Good luck all!

  203. Randy Kidd /

    I definitely wouldn’t mind this.

  204. Razzmatazz /


  205. Miles /

    Can’t win if you don’t play…so here it is.

  206. 5000 TP is a lot of TP. So, why not? Count me in.

  207. Psycho /

    Gonna have to kite this one, like all the others…

  208. Anacleto /

    Great contest, thanks! : )

  209. Neha Kakkar /


  210. bob smith /

    Looking to upgrade our guildship … this would sure help!!!

  211. Daniel /

    Leaving to sacrifice goat to the random number god….

  212. Against all Odds, I expect to win this πŸ™‚

  213. Eba /


  214. Darizzen /

    I hope i win πŸ™‚

  215. tassers /

    Much appreciated!

  216. Liannon /

    i love DDO and even more Turbine points πŸ™‚

  217. Sounds like gravy

  218. rygard /

    Me wants TP!!11one

  219. wonko the sane /

    5000 TP would be nice. Thanks.

  220. Andy /

    Nice offer, would help Otto away a wonky build!

  221. Thorradin /

    Wow guys, thanks for running this πŸ™‚

  222. Karabagh /

    Whoo hooo, all those points for me ! Cheers !

  223. Ante’s in. Bets the long shot. πŸ™‚

  224. Tyche /

    But the dice hate me..

  225. Gwendor /

    May the luckiest comment win!

  226. I’ve been playing D&D since 1980. I still play pen&paper with my college friends in the same Greyhawk campaign for the last 25 years. I love DDO!

  227. Nacho GirbΓ©s /

    Oh please please RNGeesus… I promise I will use those 5K TPs for the greater glory of gaming!

  228. Sycron IV /

    My precisous. . .

  229. Lee L /

    Awesome guys!

  230. KhellendrosUK /

    *Kobold voice* Ooooooh Turbiiiiine Pooooints!

  231. Sahba /

    Nice giveaway, guys. Love the podcast .

  232. Fedora1 /

    Pick me, pick me!

  233. Erik /

    Sweet giveaway

  234. Cool…! Good luck to everyone..!

  235. Valniel /

    Very nice !

  236. Yep, I’m in

  237. Kobold /

    Ohhhh… shines, Kobold loves shines. Better yet! Free shineeees. Give them! Give them all to me! Kobold need many barel though.

  238. I find having to scroll down to the end of the comments to leave my own to be a bit of a nuisance.. I thought I couldn’t leave a comment at first.

    Good luck everyone.

  239. Jens Clausen /

    This would be nice. I’m in!

  240. wacek /

    good luck to everyone

  241. SDSF /

    yay for 5k

  242. Dist /

    I’m fine with this.

  243. Issander /

    Nice guys! Thank you!

  244. Darren /

    Cheers! Appreciate all you do and now this too!

  245. Sam Ball /

    Winning would be fabulous – what a great prize!

  246. Erruun /

    Durp? Durp!

  247. Vauknar /

    Here’s hoping….

  248. Dirgon /

    Most generous. Here’s hoping…

  249. skester /

    Woot! Gimme points! please

  250. Mike Bovenizer /

    I could use some free TP!

  251. tony lewis /

    keep on rocking

  252. Good luck and gratz to the winner πŸ˜‰

  253. Tom Jones /

    Good Luck

  254. Robert Boothby /

    5000 TP would be lovely!

  255. 5000 ddo points would be nice

  256. Thomas /

    Worth a shot haha πŸ™‚

  257. Bruthwoll /

    nice, n good luck to all

  258. RD2lay /

    Oohh Shiny! that’s a lot of TP guys. Also love the show keep up the awesome work!

  259. Fendur Bendur /

    5000 shinies will help kobold create more chaos

  260. Matt /

    Crosses fingers…

  261. Hope I don’t roll a 1

  262. Thanks guys

  263. Draksel /

    Everyone could use some Turbine Points!

  264. All your Turbine Points are belong to me.

  265. Thanks, sure glad the vertical scroll bar had enough room.

    I voted House Kundarak.

  266. Frezar /

    Awesome! Thanks.

  267. David /

    I’m in.

  268. Ian /

    Fingers crossed.

  269. Glam/great idea, Thx for supporting DDO!

  270. So we’ll be getting more spam?

  271. Steele Trueheart /

    Awesome contest guys.

  272. Sural /

    Thanks guys!

  273. Thanks! Good luck everyone!

  274. mike /

    nice one ^^

  275. Drawing Guy /

    Nice to see community run contests still happening. Thanks!

  276. DefecTalisman /

    Please give me the TP(Turbine Points & not Toilet Paper)

  277. Grace /

    Thank you for hosting this!!! πŸ™‚

  278. Good luck everyone!
    (Who am I kidding? What I really want is good luck to ME!)

  279. Morrell DD Oh /

    With 5000 TP, I could finally win DDO!

  280. Mike /

    I never win anything

  281. erbgor /

    Over here!

  282. John /

    Owwoooo! Thanks for doing this!

  283. Aline /


  284. Nice Job. Thanks for doing this.

  285. Big Jeff /

    Great idea. I had never seen this site before. Great introduction.

  286. Charles /

    S W E E T!

  287. Sarah /


  288. Ascyrya /

    /roll 1d100

  289. Brandon /

    Awesome! You guys are great.

  290. Raven /


  291. besim /

    hope to buy new packs O.o Good Luck All πŸ™‚

  292. Wahoo. Love me some DDO points!

  293. i’d like to thank you all

  294. Vess /

    Thanks for doing this!

  295. Portius /

    Hoping for that natural twenty.

  296. supps2 /


  297. Brandon /

    Semper FI!

  298. Mike /

    GL everyone

  299. John /

    Wow, good luck all & thanks Players!

  300. Bobby /

    Very nice promotion!

  301. This is sweet.

  302. Gunthar /

    I’ll give it a shot

  303. Will spend all TP on shards… will reroll in ToEe chests. Will see no named items.

  304. Mario Prato /

    nice giveaway

  305. Haloivae /

    Give me

  306. Orleano /

    greedisgood 5000

  307. CT7 /

    Thank you for doing this. One can never have too many Turbine points.

  308. mike /

    great promo. count me in!

  309. Tom /

    5K tp would be sooooo nice.

  310. Ben /

    Thanks for doing this. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  311. Steve /

    This is awesome! Thank you for doing this!

  312. Kay /

    Sure, why not. I like Turbine Points. πŸ™‚

  313. Hooray for free stuff!!!

  314. Lawrence Smith /

    Time to finally win something more than heroism pots……………….

  315. maester /

    Won’t hurt to try!

  316. Ring a ding ding

  317. Jason Rowan /

    Keep up the great work guys!

  318. Jason Bertorelli /

    Daddy needs a new pair of rapiers.. Lol !!!

  319. Bill /

    5000 TP is a great prize

  320. Holybird /

    Kobold wants! Yark!

  321. Hereticus /

    Here comes the triple 20 roll!

  322. Pat L /

    I am Sundown!

  323. Extirpator /

    Not a 1!

  324. Craig Sivils /

    Me me me!

  325. Kyo /

    Really nice idea. I wonder how many people will end up leaving a comment here.

  326. ThomasMink /

    Sure, why not?

  327. Sean /

    For Sure!

  328. Lawrence /

    GG wp

  329. mike /

    cool giveaway:)

  330. 5000 means what 8 more alts?

  331. Brey /

    Wow, this would buy my guild a new ship.
    Rolls 20

  332. Nick /

    come on points!! i need a +6 supreme tome

  333. Thank you for doing this. πŸ™‚

  334. Dave /

    In for the contest πŸ™‚

  335. woot, I could use a few +5 LR hearts

  336. Roger F /

    Thanks for doing this, you are Awesome!

  337. Roger Masse /

    Come on lucky number…

  338. dad need a new shoes

  339. Antonio Martinez /

    Oh Yeah!!!!!! Free Turbine Points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!!!!!

  340. Dalois /

    This would be a nice amount of points to have

  341. Greywick /

    Comment left

  342. Joshua /


  343. Di G /

    Yes please…I would like to Win Turbine points

  344. Edward /

    nice prize thanks

  345. Eric /

    Good luck everyone.

  346. MIchael Slininger /

    Winning a code for 5000 TP would be fantastic. Thank you for the oppurtunity

  347. Xanarin /

    Keep up the great work guys!

  348. Luthor /

    My Shinies!

  349. Abby /

    I van always use DDO points

  350. My number is better than yours

  351. Shadow2024 /

    Did i win yet? =P

  352. Xahtep /


  353. Dawnstrider-Sarlona /

    Three cheers for DDO Players! Thanks, y’all.

  354. A wise man once told me you give a player 5000 turbine points, he they spend them all in one day. You teach a player to farm turbine points, they have turbine points for a life time. Honestly I have no clue were im going with this.

  355. Doctorivil /

    Pick me i want a boat! x)

  356. Jon A. Lilleengen /

    *Prays to Olladra*

  357. Krzysiek /

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!!!

  358. Oh, wow!
    That’s amazing πŸ™‚
    Probably just what I need to buy the last few packs I’m missing!!

  359. albertforn /


  360. Should we roll 1d5000 and higher wins? lol

  361. nordlav /

    Cool, keep up the good work!

  362. Stephen Johnson /

    Always looking for free points

  363. Jen E /

    This is a fantastic give away. Thanks DDOplayers.com!

  364. Nat /

    Pick me pls! I’m f2p, I really need it -.-‘

  365. Aelaryen-sarlona /

    Wooo shiny *kobold voice*

  366. Nice thing. πŸ™‚

  367. Ludgan /

    These are even better than the contests Turbine launches πŸ˜›

  368. Aaron K. /

    I’d like to have the points to get the rest of the adventure packs ^.^

  369. Jason L /

    Great to see support for the f2p players.

  370. Oowaoonah /

    Oow Oow Pick Me!!!

  371. Tyrsis /

    TP is good for the soul!

  372. 5000 points would be nice. Real nice.

  373. J.J. /

    That would give me a lot of cookies and cakes. πŸ™‚

  374. Thoby Cellona /

    But of course!

  375. Robin /

    Would love Turbine Points!! Thank you πŸ™‚

  376. Cameron Jones /

    I like free stuffz.

  377. jasonb /

    may i be so lucky

  378. Sirianstar /

    It will be wonderful, enough to get 2 expansions!

  379. David /

    All your giveaways are belong to me!

  380. pac441 /

    For The Hand Of Death

  381. Dan L /

    yay TP

  382. Nea /

    I would love that! Wish me luck lol

  383. Tega /

    Good luck all. Shall Bahamut bless this giveaway!

  384. I could sure use that. πŸ™‚

  385. Would like it a lot

  386. Inger /


  387. Valdieron /

    Pick me! Pick me!

  388. Gin /

    I’ll probably have better luck winning this than waiting for a 6 to 7 tome to drop

  389. pazuzu /

    I can’t help but imagine what I will do with all those TP’s!!!

  390. Aymerick /

    Count me in, you never know πŸ™‚

  391. Kobaye /

    Do you feel lucky “Did I fire five shots or six”

  392. Andre T /

    Free T-Points i’m in

  393. Piotr /

    already know how i would spend it.

  394. Greetinigs .. nice giveaway , good luck

  395. Dominar /

    Sacrificed a chicken for this…

  396. Jangy from Argonnessen /

    Please please please please πŸ™‚

  397. Edo /

    Hooray for community activities!

  398. Arindor /

    My comment

  399. Boy, the things I could do with 5k points. I could get my hubby’s guild the top of the line ship. πŸ˜€

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  402. Anatolij /

    Hey look, a giveaway I’d never win!

  403. ok,I’ll comment

  404. Zoe Carbajales /

    If I win it would be miracle

  405. Tarlanon /

    This generosity is wonderful! Kudos to you guys/gals! πŸ™‚

    • Andang /

      You were chosen randomly through random.org as the winner. I just sent you an email. You have one week to reply back to the email or else the code goes on to a new winner.

    • Andang /

      Sorry but it has been a week so the code is going on to a new winner πŸ™

  406. LLSF /

    Good luck everyone!

  407. Since starting to play DDO I have learned many lessons and have been honored to teach and mentor several players within my guild and even those that are not. I hope other Hosts do the same. DDO is a great game.

  408. DDO still ROCKS!!!. After more than 5 years in the game, I still love it.

  409. Caren Dymond /

    That’s a lot of scrolling to find the comment box! I enjoy the podcast! Thanks for the contest.

  410. Wade /

    Count me in..

  411. Healina /

    I enjoy this game so much!

  412. rgl /

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  413. Tony /


  414. My wife needs adv packs…. Here’s hoping!

  415. Cabernay /


  416. RedBeard /

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  417. LibertyDave /

    Good luck all

  418. T.J. /

    Thanks guys!

  419. Evilgardengnome /

    I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

  420. ChaHa Blaze /

    PLEASE! pick me pretty please. DDO players u r very generous thank you.

  421. Dagama /

    Sniff, I seem to never win anything.

    Lets hope it changes this time πŸ™‚

  422. Dody /

    oh, yes, come to daddy points!!!

  423. Luv /

    Intresting, lets see how it goes.

  424. Chris Jensen /


  425. Sheala /

    I hope I win, I never win. All my money goes to trips to see my dying dad. So can’t afford extra points. Please Pray for him.

  426. RLL /


  427. Cobra /

    Good luck and have fun all

  428. Jolin /

    Thank you ddo!

  429. Christopher Noel /

    I would love 5000 TP

  430. Ryu /

    Roses are red, violets are blue, this post is nonsense but TPs are fine.

  431. Knife Fighter /

    I like points! πŸ™‚

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  433. Umakreil /

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  435. Streak1972 /

    Holy crap I’m #445. Enjoy the podcast gentlemen. Keep up the great work!

  436. Cormaco /

    Lets see if i roll a 20 on this giveaway

  437. jure /


  438. Brian Shultz /

    I have to say the DDO community is probably one of the best there is. Thank you in advance if I am fortunate enough to be picked to win. And thank you for the opportunity if I am not.

  439. Chris /

    I like bacon πŸ™‚

  440. Hanfield /

    I, uh, have no excuse; me just want some points. :^)

  441. John Fillon -Payoux /

    well i will follow the rules and comment, if however I do not win I will send my warforged barbarian friend to soften up the management whilst I sneak in pick the locks and steal the Turbine points anyway…..

  442. all i have to do is comment? COOL!

  443. Spurglen /


  444. Matt /

    points, for a comment? Pick Me!! πŸ˜€

  445. Volo /

    Come on lucky number whatever I am.

  446. Steve /

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  448. Stuff /

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  449. Good luck guys!

  450. daniel /

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  451. donald /


  452. I could use those points

  453. brandy harrsion /

    new to ddo and this would help me out so much if i win the tp

  454. Xitri - Khyber /

    This gives me ideas on how to get people to run the old Titan raid. Bribe them with gifts?

  455. Zeechet /

    Free points!

  456. Milo25 /

    Thanks for keeping the game interesting.

  457. Unkabear /

    Something that everyone can use.

  458. Miguel Leibner /

    Go Go DDox!!!

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  460. Hipparan /

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  463. ravinwolf /


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  467. Here’s hoping. Thanks for running this giveaway!

  468. Erik LePere /

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  469. May the gods help me !

  470. Michael Bendorf /

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  471. Donna /

    awesome idea! thanks for doing this!

  472. David /

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  473. Zirxion /

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  474. Jeffrey Gibson /

    So, how much spam is this gonna generate in my Email??

  475. Stiekum /

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  476. Drew Rankin /

    Turbine Snoints (Snail Points)

  477. Congrats on reaching your goal! Here’s to many more broadcasts in your future!

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  483. Jason /

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  484. Tabitha /

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  485. Alfonso R. /

    Good luck everyone !

  486. KPacheco /


  487. Orbis /

    Well the cleric need more storage, fingers crossed

  488. GioAvanti /

    Keep up the good work

  489. Sign me Up

  490. charlod /

    keep up the good work

  491. brandy harrison /

    winning the tp would really help me out

  492. Charloutte (Sarlona) /

    That would be amazing!
    Just got back to the game, would be an awesome way to get ToEE, Haunted Halls and the new content.

  493. Jan Strzelecki /

    I’m in.

  494. Wild Gambit /

    Just in time for my birthday on the 27th.

  495. LuKaSu /

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  496. Bill /

    Would be nice πŸ™‚

  497. KoboldCuddler /

    I feel like a dog in front of a sausage

  498. Jendon /

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  499. Kwychang /

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  502. Draculetta for President!!

  503. Charles /

    5000 !!! ???? really that is sweet could really use some things for my account …. Please πŸ™‚ I promise i will still be around even if i don’t win. Invested this many years already. I honestly can’t say i am going anywhere anytime soon.

  504. mxrampage /

    So, with my usual luck I doubt I’ll win but meh, let’s give it a try. Thanks guys for the chance and good luck to everyone

  505. kakandsak /

    I will promise to waste them on glamour kits πŸ™‚

  506. Frothwolf /

    I’d rather spend your points than mine. πŸ™‚


  508. Mitch /

    Come on turbine points missed these past few expansion packs. Well anyway good luck to everyone!!!

  509. nimodoc /


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  512. Kevin Kenny /

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  513. Joseph Borg /

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  515. DDO Rocks

  516. Woot! Outstanding give away

  517. Dave Snyder /

    Rolling my lucky dice !!!!!

  518. Viamel /

    Commenting for Points!

  519. Nicholas /

    What do you think are the chances of wining?

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  521. Pablo /

    I can feel some points coming this way :p

  522. Mike /

    I actually have lots of points, but I have friend who could really use 5000 extra.

  523. brendan rickard /

    oh what I could do with free points

  524. Jiudark /

    I would gladly not pay you on Tuesday for 5000 TP today. And a hamburger.

  525. Iain /

    Good luck all!
    I’ve only ever had like 600 TP’s and that’s after my 500 a month.
    What to do with 5000… *dreams*

  526. Cameron Jones /

    Think I replied with a comment… but I can’t remember or find my name D:

  527. Nim ToastHater /

    Good stuff guys πŸ™‚ Great Cast! Love Giveaways! Good Luck Everyone!

  528. free turbine points? more bank space!!

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  530. Owen /

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  531. Dessi T. /

    Awesome, count me in.

  532. Jonathan Compton /

    ddo for the win

  533. Francis Wright /

    Here goes nothin’

  534. jim barnes (seareach) /

    I sure could use these

  535. Robson /

    Lets go !

  536. WOOHOO! How cool would this be?

  537. Yerjik /

    You get TPs, and you get TPs, EVERYBODY gets TPs!!!

  538. Mario Prato /

    love this game

  539. Jordi /

    Points..points….come to me!

  540. Zern /

    Now that the TOEE is up, how about giving us the Salvatore treatment with Menzoberranzan? Oh heck yeah…

  541. Johnathan Phelps /

    Good luck to all!!!!

  542. I could do a lot of good for my character with 5000 Turbine points

  543. John Laughlin /

    Thank you for a great game

  544. Ruben Bobis /

    I hope RNG Jesus is by my side this time!

  545. Jimmy Hillock /

    Member since 2006

  546. Onetunge /

    Kobold remembers Waterworks.

  547. Beho /

    it takes a magic: Abracadabra!! πŸ˜€

  548. James /

    Ddo for the win!

  549. Jonathan /

    Free TP any day.

  550. Aaron (SlowDM) /

    I still love DDO. Its simply the best MMO out there.

  551. Sean kilvington /

    DDO the game to rule them all

  552. Mat /

    I certainly could use those TPs!

  553. hadrien /

    thk and good luck

  554. Jimbo /


  555. Mirko /

    Let’s try!

  556. Joe /

    Here’s hoping!

  557. Laguna /

    Live long and prosper πŸ™‚

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    DDO Rulz!

  559. Elwing /

    Good luck, everyone!

  560. Ori /

    may the odds be ever in our favor πŸ™‚

  561. Jack Allen Haley /

    Outstanding! Hope to win!

  562. Isaac Claiborne /

    lucky maybe?

  563. Gary Clemens /

    Oh how I wish this would come my way!

  564. Todd /

    I have been a player since BETA, many many years ago. I am pleased with the strong support that Turbine and the DDO community has shown the players and the game. Remember when the Vault of Night was too scary

  565. Homer /

    Good luck all…a gift from gods…

  566. Bard Nilsen /

    Free stuff?

    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

  567. Matt /

    May Kol Korran smile upon me.

  568. Brian(plausible, cannith) /

    Open sesame

  569. Keith Rudisel /

    Big money; big money! No whammy… no whammy… STOP!

  570. Christine Bowles /

    When you wish upon a star….

  571. Rafe /

    Show me the money!!!!!

  572. Dominic Duval /

    Wow, thanks for the giveaway. Even if I don’t win, 5000 TP is huge!

  573. Ralph Kaufman /

    80 lives and still counting Locksnpycks on Kyber

  574. David L. Alexander /

    DDO Rocks!

  575. Shawn /

    Where’s a 100 roll when I really need it on my daily dice?

  576. chris watkins /

    congrats to the lucky winner way to go

  577. Nxt-1 /

    Count me in!

  578. Jay Beadnell /


  579. Ken Webb /

    Muahaha! Free points? COUNT. ME. IN!

  580. Magic Missle /

    Yay free stuff πŸ˜€

  581. Better odds than the lottery πŸ™‚

    • Andang /

      The previous winner did not respond within a week so we went through random.org again and you are the new winner. You have a week to reply back to the email I sent you.

  582. Odzapwn /


  583. I’d murder for that many points! Well, maim. Brutally. Okay yeah, murder.

  584. Jeff Billo /

    Awesome!!! This would be the ULTIMATE birthday present. I say “Thanks for giving the opportunity to us with having a chance for a great reward :D”. Good Luck to All

  585. Geedorah /


  586. Good Luck to Everyone !!!!!

  587. Al Gunshefski /

    5000 Points…..No Whammies!!!!

  588. Angrytomato /

    Great Game!

  589. jason /


  590. David /

    Entered. Thanks for the opportunity

  591. opennix /


  592. john /

    and wow 5k pts

  593. This is my comment

  594. clarke mixon /

    Ask and you shall receive.

  595. Piotr /

    how awesome would it be to win 5k tp

  596. Ooohooo shiny!!!

  597. PsiCorps /

    Good luck everyone, we’re all winners here!

  598. Scott Murphy /

    There’s something strange in my coffee…

  599. Scotty Kirkham /

    Thank you for the chance to explore new places…

  600. x_wing /

    is good game

  601. Howler /

    Not in the face, Not in the face, love the game

  602. Andres Sarril /

    Hope this goes well πŸ˜€

  603. I can’t remember if I entered already? So here I am, entering. Again? Hope not.

  604. Carl Stuckey /

    That is a goodly amount of points. Nice prize.

  605. Ralnagr /

    Wow, that’s a very generous offer!

  606. Thomas /

    Would be helpful

  607. J. Wilson /

    Here is my try.

  608. May DDO live long and prosper. C’mon 5000!

  609. Rockfall /


  610. Walter John Bohdan /

    Luck Be A Lady Tonite

  611. Mardi7 /

    What a great idea to get players together.. Love it

  612. Aureolin /

    *Insert totally mercenary comment here by someone who’s never even been on the site before but is only here for the giveaway*

    I think.

  613. Rob S /

    May as well. Nothing to lose, everything to win. πŸ™‚

  614. D and D FOREVER !!!!

  615. PeterWC /

    New tomes here i come

  616. Win win win πŸ™‚

  617. ACCID /

    i’ll try it. good luck guys!

  618. floyd /

    what a devious way to get me to register here πŸ˜‰

  619. Mike B /

    Big money, big money!

  620. Dominic GariΓ©py /

    I’m the lucky one!!!!

  621. Spellburst /

    Best fansite giveaway ever? Gratz for the success.

  622. Vintovka /

    i never won a roll for loot on parties, why i would win here???/

  623. Your Patreons are awesome!

  624. Dan Teller /

    Thanks to DDO Players for doing this!

  625. mitch de leon /

    nice giveaway mmmm…

  626. Todd M. Hughes /


  627. Mike /

    Most excellent!

  628. Jeff /

    Really starting to get a kick out of DDO. Been along time since I did anything DD related. Seems like almost every time I log in I find something new and interesting.

  629. bvalentin /

    Give all the points to me!

  630. W. Edward Dimmerling /

    I sure could use the extra points. Thanks

  631. What would I do with 5000 TP, i can only dream…

  632. Crosses fingers and hopes my number comes up.

  633. heancaze /

    good luck all. Expect the chance to be around 1 in 800.

  634. Capn. Red Beard /

    This would be a nice present for my brother, whos birthday is soon.. πŸ˜€

  635. Alan /

    Hope I’m lucky

  636. Dirk /

    theres so many of us entering, we could each get 1 point instead xD

  637. Todd Sweatfield /

    Excellent giveaway, very cool :). Ty

  638. Mike /

    Good luck to me.

  639. christopher g lewis /

    Good Luck All!

  640. jorge /

    good luck all

  641. 5K pts? here please πŸ˜€

  642. Roy Meyer /

    Getting close to 200 Epic Rusty Gilled Mushrooms, back to the Temple I go!

  643. Shannon /

    1st time player here. I really hope to be lucky and WIN!! πŸ˜‰

  644. Erakhan /

    5K points sounds good to me

  645. Name required /

    Innit to winnit

  646. Let’s roll !!!

  647. Cyt /

    Ooo! Shiney!

  648. Wow thx for the game ;). Lets win 5k points. πŸ˜‰

  649. Garull /


  650. Started a month ago- catching the fever!!!!

  651. Would be nice to have as a new player! πŸ™‚

  652. Moz /

    Gl all!

  653. pedro reinholz /

    very nice!!

  654. Nacho GirbΓ©s /

    Don’t look further. This is the winner comment.

  655. john cyrix 300 /

    let’s do it!!

  656. alexander-gupi /

    luck with me!

  657. Ironmagin /

    Sweet, thanks for the chance!

  658. Jerome H. /

    Thanks for running such a cool contest!

  659. Arrathael /

    I’m up all night to get lucky~

  660. Sibunna /

    Daddy needs a new bladeforged

  661. Guillaume /

    WIN WIN!!

  662. zaltrhiz /

    Hi this do seem to be a very interesting concept , and a effective way to get people to come to the website and leave comment , and this is is a nice site.

  663. ThallX /

    Hi there

  664. cory /

    i would like to recive 5000 turbine points but its just the luck of the draw

  665. Velveretta /

    Well, since I’m here I might as well enter. πŸ™‚

  666. good luck to everyone and gratz to whoever wins it.

  667. Anniyon /

    neat site. Guess i’ll enter too!

  668. i would love to win the giveaway to get guild renown pots so i can lvl my guild up and do a lot more with those points

  669. James /


  670. Acelaser426 /

    Its always good to heave a extra point too spend and thanks

  671. Draxanos /

    Thanks, I hope this is not a ‘pointless’ exercise for me! πŸ™‚
    Blessings and luck to all who have entered.

  672. Maquist /

    Sure, I’ll give it a try!

  673. Sneakwork /

    There we go. Coyle forever!

  674. Tea /

    Sounds good!

  675. hooligan960 /

    win plz

  676. Bert Kendall /

    I wish I can win! This is my favorite game of all time!!

  677. Fingers crossed

  678. Luke Morgan /

    this is very generous of you

  679. ShAkaThEvIrGo /

    I`m a Lucky Guy! XD

  680. Bryan Spoonhour /

    I’m Game

  681. Joaquin Urriaga /


  682. Ryan D /


  683. Nice contest!

  684. Caitlin /

    Sweet! I’ve love to win this.

  685. Roses are red violets are blue, DDO is awesome!

  686. I have to win because I keep rolling a 1 in daily dice!

  687. James Ellston /

    Long live DDO

  688. eric /


  689. Maciej /


  690. Kevin /

    Great giveaway – thanks!

  691. Larqua /


  692. Timb Bennett /

    Thanks, This is very generous of you.

  693. Purpletimb /

    Great! Sign me up!

  694. Ufemism /

    Pick me!

  695. Jeff /

    Cool! Great Contest!

  696. Andang /

    Congrats to Tarlanon on being chosen as the winner. They have 1 week to reply back to the email that was sent to them. Otherwise the code goes on to a new winner.

  697. Andang /

    Tarlanon did not reply back in time so we went to random.org and now Don is the new winner. He has a week to reply back to the email I sent him. Otherwise the code goes on to a new winner.

  698. Andang /

    Don replied in time and so the giveaway is now over. Congrats to Don on winning πŸ™‚


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