Update 27 Trials Of The Archons Release Notes


The release notes are now up and ready for today’s patch.



Here are some of the highlights from the patch, be sure to read the full notes for all of them


Of Special Note:

Form an alliance with powerful celestial beings known as the Archons in our newest Adventure Pack “Trials of the Archons”! Experience brand new quests and an all new raid in the plane of eternal battle, Shavarath! Can you earn the respect and trust of the Archons to help combat the schemes of the Pit Fiend Arraetrikos?

Available for level 13 Heroic and Level 30 Epic! The quest-givers are located in Amrath, which can be accessed from the Tower of the Twelve or the Shavarath Planescaller in the Eberron Hall of Heroes.

This adventure pack is free to VIPs! or 495 TP


  • Guild Airship Tavern Regeneration will now allow players to swap and select spells, and rejuvenate clickies


  • Players can now craft directly from their Shared Bank: Crafting Storage supply when using a Barter UI. When crafting, the Barter UI will automatically search your Crafting Storage for items that match the available recipes.



  • The Magic Missile Ward portion of Enlightened Spirit’s Shield enhancement no longer disappears after a few minutes.
  • Enlightened Spirit Warlocks will no longer immediately die when trying to resurrect.
  • The Tainted Scholar’s Enervating Shadow negative levels no longer affect bosses.
  • Eldritch Wave now breaks breakables properly.
  • Spiritual Retribution now works on unarmed attacks.
  • The Spell Power scaling of Eldritch Burst and Spirit Blast is now 120% (instead of 150%.)
  • Shining Through now grants temporary Hit Points equal to 12x your Constitution Score (was 15x.)


  • The color of the top renown guild tier is now purple-ish.


  • In preparation for some upcoming hireling AI improvements, we’ve created a banner that now displays when a hireling is ordered to stand its ground. This banner is visible only by the player controlling the hireling, and marks the general area where the hireling should stand.
  • Fixed some conditions that could cause a Hireling to go “brain dead” during combat.

Monster Manual

  • A new Monster Manual volume is now available in the DDO Store! The Monster Manual remains free to VIPs. or 595 TP


  • The Full Screen check box in the Graphics Options has been replaced by a Screen Mode drop-down menu, from which you can select Windowed, Full Screen, and (in Windows) Full Screen (Windowed), which runs the game in a borderless window at desktop resolution.
  • There is now an option under UI Settings to show a “stand your ground” banner for hirelings and class pets.
  • There is now an NPC in the Hall of Heroes and on guild airships that allow a character to temporarily suspend their Bravery Bonus. This is a toggle, and will remain in effect until toggled again by speaking to the NPC. The Bravery Bonus will not reset nor increment when suspended.
  • There is now a Search box and a “Show All” button at the top of the Options Panel, allowing you to show only options matching particular text.


  • The Flawless Victory Bonus is now per character, and characters will no longer lose the bonus unless they die. Someone else in the group dying no longer removes this bonus. Hireling deaths also no longer reduce the Flawless Bonus.





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