Friends With Benefits


So I saw a YouTube video about future of support classes in DDO. It touched base on group play, solo play, self-sufficiency, and a few other topics. After an exchange of messages with the original poster I remembered an idea I had a few years ago. Something that would really work well to promote group play within the game. Get ready for this because you’re about to be blown away!

The Epic-demic

As DDO has grown larger so has our character’s strengths. We are bigger, faster, stronger and doing more as individuals than when DDO first launched 9+ years ago.  People need healers and trappers a whole lot less than ever before. Crowd control specialists are never in demand these days because we’re simply killing things too fast to bother and our individual defenses are through the roof. Waiting on groups to form is a thing of the past. So how can we fix this? Even if they made things more difficult we would eventually become stronger again. We can however create game mechanics to promote group play. Here’s my idea.

The Genius of Musk

It’s called Guild Party Renown Bonus. A guild that is running dungeons and raids together receive a bonus of 50% additional renown earned for grouping together. It would be a majority bonus. So it would have to be a 4/6 split for dungeons and wilderness areas then a 8/12 split for raids to qualify. This would leave room for grouping with non-guild members. Furthermore, you could qualify for a larger renown bonus (100%) for having a full guild group of 6/6 and 12/12 in raids. Amazing right?!

Buddy Weekend

In the midst of drafting this article, DDO announced Buddy Weekend! A mechanic that will give an additional 10% experience per player in a dungeon group. So for a group of 6 players that’s 50% experience! Now that’s a game changer. A change that DDO needs to implement, not only for a weekend, but permanently. I love this idea.

The Impact

Implementation of both of these mechanics permanently would have a drastic change in the game. Off hand I would imagine that the Grouping panel would come back to life, like a wilted plant finally getting some rain water. Secondly people who have been long gone from the game may actually renew their subscription. Lastly DDO will become a group focused mmorpg again! These are the kind of changes Dungeons and Dragons Online needs to focus on to make this game better. Not pay to win mechanics for cash grab revenue. It’s the best underrated mmorpg in the world. If it is to survive another decade it’s time the development team start working towards getting mechanics that actually get hardcore mmo gamers to play. For instance; social aspects, a (singular) player based economy, challenging dungeon crawls, end game raiding, jaw dropping scenery, dazzling graphics and lastly vanity items. These are the core  mechanisms that drive people to play any mmorpg. Make them attractive and unique enough and that game becomes successful.

So as you group up with new players this weekend just remember: true buddies grab your Soulstone!

Happy Hunting!


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