Update 28 Patch 1 (The Night Revels) is now available on Lamannia


Cordovan posted on the forums that Update 28 Patch 1 is up on Lamannia.

We are now offering a sneak peek of our upcoming event The Night Revels on Lamannia! Please check it out and provide us with any and all feedback. Please also let us know if you encounter any bugs.


The “Known Issues” were also posted

  • The experience is set too high for the dungeons, and will be reduced.
  • The final cost has not been set for all items.
  • Vampires are currently not undead.
  • Some exit waypoints are mis-labeled.
  • Dungeons will be available at a slightly higher level for capped players than is currently listed.
  • The Lich in the Snitch will have preventative measures to prevent gawkers on roofs.
  • The quest entrance UI does not currently list the quest-specific ingredients under Rewards.
  • Characters do not exit dungeons into the same level band of Delera’s Graveyard that they entered the quest in.
  • Pumpkin and Skull Grenades and Potions of the Party P.o.o.per are not currently available in the item Barter UI.
  • Attempting to enter a quest without a kay displays an incorrect message that you need to own the challenge pack. The quests will not need to be purchased.
  • The Delighter’s Docent is not Bound to Account, but should be.
  • Lasting Night Revels keys available in the Lamannia DDO Store say they will eventually disappear, but this is inaccurate.
  • Spooky Augments say they are +6 in some places, but should say +2.
  • The doorway to Haverdashed says “The Marketplace”.


We are planning on doing a few preview videos for those that want to see the new content! Stay Tuned…




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