Update 28 Patch 1 Release Notes


The Release Notes For Update 28 Patch 1 are now up for your reading pleasure.

Here are some of the “Highlights”

Update 28 Patch 1

The Night Revels!

The Night Revels is a new seasonal event in Dungeons & Dragons Online. Begin your festivities in Delera’s Graveyard when the event is active! Defeat monsters in Delera’s Graveyard to collect either Darkest Chocolate or a special key that will allow you to access one of the four Night Revels-themed dungeons! Complete the dungeons to collect quest-specific ingredients that, combined with the Darkest Chocolate you get from defeating monsters in the Graveyard, can be used to acquire new Night Revels items!

New DDO Store!

The DDO Store has been updated to a brand new interface – for more information about the changes, please visit our guide to the new Store by clicking here and be sure to check out today’s Store related announcement by clicking here!


  • Fixed an issue that could cause animation “popping” when wielding two weapons.
  • Two Weapon Fighting now animates more quickly.



  • Fred the Mindflayer is temporarily offering free Feat changes! He will do so through Sunday night, October 25th.



  • Eldritch Blasts’ spell power scaling is now as follows:
    • Eldritch Blast has been lowered from 150% to 130%.
    • Eldritch Blast Cone remains 130%.
    • Eldritch Blast Chain has been lowered from 110% to 95%.
    • Eldritch Blast Aura has been lowered from 150% to 130%.
    • Fixed a big where Arcane Spell Failure was not applying to Eldritch Blast.
  • The following Warlock feats now break invisibility: Dark Delerium, Hurl Through Hell, Create Thrall
  • Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, and Greater Two Weapon Fighting no longer give Melee Power.





  • Hirelings which used ranged weapons will now switch back to melee weapons more reliably.
  • Hirelings with the Two Weapon Fighting feat will re-equip two weapons for hand-to-hand combat.



  • New tomes which appear in-game or are purchased in the DDO Store when Update 28 Patch 1 is released to the live servers will be able to be consumed at any level.
  • The Devil’s Handiwork set description now correctly states that it is granted when wearing five items, rather than six.
  • Glamered Weapon Auras now work properly on the Staff of the Petitioner, Dreamspitter, and Copper Ingot Arcanum.
  • The Traveler’s Terrific Trunk is no longer an ingredient.
  • Armor defenses have been reduced as follows:
    • Heavy armor now increases Physical Resistance Rating by 2*Base Attack Bonus.
    • Medium armor now increases PRR by 1.5*BAB.
    • Light armor now increases PRR by BAB.
    • Armor no longer increases Magical Resistance Rating. MRR maximums for armor remains unchanged.
    • Fixed a bug where armor gave some PRR even if the wearer was not proficient.
    • PRR and MRR bonuses for shields remain unchanged.
  • Keen now adds 1, 2, or 3 to critical threat range based on the weapon type’s unmodified threat range.
  • Repeating crossbows now have 1/3rd the chance for Doubleshot. Doubleshot can now “wrap” and cause a third or fourth shot if it goes above 100%.

Monster Manual

  • Hellhound Monster Manual deeds no longer say they require Dragon kills to complete.


Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Some monster ranged damage and monster ability DC’s have been scaled down in the Temple of Elemental Evil.
  • Fortis will no longer mistakenly go back into his protective bubble in the quest Tavern Brawl.


  • Holy Sword’s effect has been changed to: “While you are enchanted with Holy Sword, any weapons in your hands gain +1 to their Enhancement bonus and +1 Competence Bonus to Critical Threat Range and Critical Damage Multiplier. This does not apply to shields, orbs, or Rune Arms.”




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