GOG Dungeons And Dragons Titles On Sale


Hold to you wallets folks! This weekend is shaping up to be dangerous for them.

GOG has 2 D&D themed packs up for sale


This one is worth it for just Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Alone! With the Temple being your bonus death trap 🙂

You can also buy them individual  if you wish as well


And of course we have the “Gold Box” games


Ravenloft.. that’s all I have to say… Oh and Pool..

As with the other pack, you can do this on a individual basis as well



Good luck getting through this weekend with your wallet intact.



  1. Hey! That’s basically what I said in my post today, too!

  2. I bought the D&D Classic Bundle the last time it was on sale. I will probably wait awhile on the Gold Bundle.

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