DDO Players News Episode 66 Gs In Bags And Displacer Beets



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No game news this week, But  we have a interview with Wayne about the Dungeon Crate subscription box this upcoming. And Drac’s tabletop group decided it was a great idea to try to find the entrance to the underdark with lvl 1, with comical results.



Game News

Festivalt Coins no longer dropping from chests.

Jester will be around till Jan 11th to turn into coins
Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week December 24th – January 7th

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DDO Players News

DDO Players Poll – What Was The Best Part Of 2015 In DDO?


News Beyond DDO

Errata for the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Master’s Guide


On The Table Top

Tabletop Season 4: Status Update

Dungeon Crate Update/Interview (Outcue – Let The Adventure Begin)


Week in DDO


Drac Week


Warlock Lvl 9

House Kundarak

  • Taming the Flames (On ELite, Got It HANDED to me) (Finished on hard)
  • Caverns of Korromar


Vault of Night

  • Tharashk Arena (VoN 1) (Hard)

Red Fens

Fathom the Depths (Hard)


Hit 75 Favor with House K. Bought more Bank Space


Ranger 15 (Deepwoods Stalker)

This is new char that is running in a static with Sahba Jade, Mythery and Rent

Sun Elf Iconic (1 level in cleric I had to take, the rest are full ranger)


Disciples of Shadow

  • Disciples of Shar
  • Escape Plan


Started on slayers/rares/explorer


Warlock Lvl 7 (Great Old One/Tainted Scholar)

This is for Lessah’s The Fanservice Experiment

I’m RP’ing Count Von Count From Sesame Street!


Waterworks On Elite

  • The Kobold’s Den: Clan Gnashtooth
  • The Kobold’s Den: Rescuing Arlos
  • Venn’s Trail: Clan Tunnelworm
  • Venn’s Trail: Venn’s Fate

The Seal of Shan-To-Kor

  • The Sacred Helm
  • The Cloven-jaw Scourge: Blockade


Ranger/Rogue Lvl 18  With Pineleaf (And Bonnie)

⦁    Let Sleeping Dust Lie

⦁    Rainbow in the Dark



WolfLock Lvl 18

Raids (With The Damsels Wolf Cult)

  • Hound of Xoriat
  • A Vision of Destruction


The video is up on YouTube if you want to watch what’s it like to run with a full raid of Wolves


Session #2 of Tabletop Rage Of Demons.

  • Displacer Beets And Gnomes In Bags

The Doodle In Question



Pineleaf Week

Artificer (Level 18) with Drac and Bonnie

⦁    Let Sleeping Dust Lie

⦁    Rainbow in the Dark


Ranger (Level 1)

⦁    The Grotto

⦁    Heyton’s Rest

⦁    The Storehouse’s Secret

⦁    The Cannith Crystal



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Featured Comments

Over on the fourms Grandern_Marn left a comment on our last episode


Great battle between Law and Chaos in this one!

Law – The DDO Player guys trying to keep the podcast on track

Chaos – The Damsels and BonnieBew with the Deep G Word/OG/DeepG69 hilarity

Despite the heroic efforts of our noble DDO Players, I say chaos reigned with this one and the Iconic G Spot ruled them all. You can hear the DDO Player guys kind of throw in the towel and admit guilt and responsibility at 1:24:15

Lots of fun all, keep it up!




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  1. the cleric from the party /

    As to Drac’s line of the party splitting, the barbarian and the rogue wanted to spend some time alone. Plus they were dumb enough NOT to follow the cleric and paladin (the two sources of healing). Drac should know this group, give us things pointing to the underworld and we are gonna try it. Remember the cliff??

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