Wizards Of The Coast Brings Back Some Nostalgia


The new Unearthed Arcana article is out from Wizards of the Coast. They are kicking it old school with this one,  bringing a bit of nostalgia back to the game in the form of Kits.


If you played AD&D second edition back in the 1990s, you probably remember kits. These character options were introduced in The Complete Fighter’s Handbook, and became a mainstay of the rest of the books in the Player’s Handbook Rules Supplement series. Though kits were notorious for providing wildly uneven benefits (some offered all but unnoticeable improvements, while others turned characters into walking engines of destruction), they did add depth and customization to a game that had previously offered few character choices after 1st level.

This month, Unearthed Arcana converts a few of the more popular kits from that era to new class options for the bard and fighter. If you played second edition AD&D, what are some of your favorite kits that you’d like to see converted to fifth edition? Let me know on Twitter (@mikemearls). Over the course of the year, the kits that inspire the most discussion could very well end up here.


We have 2 kits for Bards

  • College of Swords
  • College of Satire
And 2 kits for Fighters
  • Cavalier
  • Scout

You can get your nostalgia fix by heading over here.

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  1. Bonnie Bew /

    Ohmigawsh! Unearthed kits! Being a Baldur’s Gate fangirl, this totally brings me back!


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