DDO Producer’s Letter


Friday afternoon we got the promised Producer’s Letter. (My thoughts are in BOLD)


Greetings! I’m Severlin, Executive Producer for Dungeons & Dragons Online, and I’m writing today to update you on our plans for the coming months.
 Right off the bat we see a change in the way the letter’s will work at least
One of the first things I wanted to mention was that I want to do these letters more frequently. You’ve been getting yearly Producer’s Letters, but I like to speak more often to the community, so instead of a year-long list, I’d like to give us room to respond to your wants through the year. That means this letter will focus on the quarter ahead, and I will be back this Spring with an update.
 I must say that Severlin is doing a great job at trying to keep the communication flowing and listening to the community.
Looking back on 2015, we gave ourselves an ambitious schedule, and delivered a huge amount of raiding, questing, class work, and more. Here are just some of the things we accomplished:
– 4 Raids
– 3 Monster Manuals
– 11 new quests, including the Temple of Elemental Evil classic dungeon
– Rogue, Ranger class updates
– New class: Warlock (along with its associated enhancements, spells, etc.)
– New seasonal event: The Night Revels
– A greatly improved random loot system
– Legendary Greensteel
– A level cap of 30, along with Legendary and Epic Destiny Feats
We also made some quality of life improvements like being able to craft from your shared bank, consume tomes at any level, and shop in an improved DDO Store.
When you look at in on paper, they did have a busy year!
The main focus of this quarter will be one of DDO’s biggest milestones – our 10th Anniversary! We’ll be throwing a big party towards the end of February, with gifts, prizes, events, and surprises. We will debut a free multi-character-level dungeon (similar to the way our Night Revels dungeons work) that will be a tongue-in-cheek story featuring some of DDO’s most popular and enduring characters and NPCs. It’ll also give you the opportunity to defeat some “devs” in battle. Yes, I plan to try to kill you in-game.
I have to say this came out of left field, was not excepting a new dungeon, much less a chace to “battle the devs” And everyone loves a good party!
Update 30 will also debut the long-anticipated Gnome race, along with the Deep Gnome Iconic! We will debut an updated Cannith Crafting system that ties in nicely with the new randomly-generated loot system that released in Update 29. We’re also bringing out the bug zapper in the coming weeks to get rid of some of the things we’ve been hearing from you about. We’ll be previewing much of Update 30 in the coming weeks on Lamannia. As always, we look forward to your feedback.
Bug fixes are ALWAYS a good thing. And we all know that there are quite a few of them that cropped up during Update 29. 
I know a lot of people are looking forward to the crafting update. And of course the Gnomes. I’ll be honest I still don’t get it. I really don’t.
We also got our first look at them
Good lord I hope this is an early concept. Because um ya. I don’t know what to say about this at all. I really don’t.
We know you will want to be a part of our 10th Anniversary party, and we’re looking forward to bringing it to you!
~ Sev
So what did you think of this letter? Thoughts on the new dungeon? The Gnome concept? leave a comment below.

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  1. I love Deep Gnomes.


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