WOTC Teases New Dungeons And Dragons Adventure *Updated*


WOTC is set to announce a new adventure on Monday. Notice I said “Adventure”, Right now we don’t know if it’s going to be a full on campaign, story-arch or just a few one offs for the adventure league.

They are teasing us about this in a big way.

The fine folks over at The Escapist got this image


With This Message

Innocence is the most delicate gift. To protect it is the highest of virtues. To recognize it within oneself is salvation.


Let’s break down this teaser shall we?


And also she looks like the Ravenloft exclusive gypsy race, the Vistani.

According to The Escapist other sites got teaser pics as well, but I can’t find anything else anywhere

Wizards of the Coast has doled out these images to a few outlets, ours is “Innocence.”


Geek & Sundry tweeted this

Again, this looks VERY much like a gypsy race, the Vistani


So either WOTC is pulling off the biggest troll in the history of the internet, or Ravenloft is coming in some way to 5E. We will know more on Monday when the official announcement is made.


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