The Tomb of Horrors In 3D Be Afraid, Very Afraid

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Josh Plunkett has made a complete 3d model of the Tomb Of Horrors.

I know this Classic module is over 40 years old now,but I must give a SPOILER WARNING, so if you have never read or ran through the module you might want to skip this next part. Half the fun of the Tomb is to find the secrets.



Still with me? Good

He showed off his work and details on how he did it, on  his blog Down Under DM,

He Says

The majority of the build is made from Hirst Art molds.
The lava tile’s are made from 4-Bot Industries molds.
Some of the dungeon dressings were made from Lady Sabelle Designs.
The Green Daemon Face was made and replicated by me.



Here a few of the picture he posted, trust me and do you self and favor and go visit his post to see them all

2016-02-08 10.00.41 2016-02-08 12.10.39 DSCN1013 DSCN1030



You can pick up the classic module over on the DMsGuild.


Now someone needs to do this with Castle Ravenloft.


  1. Castle Ravenloft you say 😉

  2. I am fairly confident we will be seeing our own 3D model of this quest in DDO shortly.

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